Selling Online Courses Is Not for Everyone - Pros and Cons Of Starting Up An Online Course Business
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Selling Online Courses Is Not for Everyone – Pros and Cons Of Starting Up An Online Course Business

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Selling Online Courses Is Not for Everyone .

So you want to create and sell an online course, but you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into. Well, you’re in the right spot. In this video, I’m going to share some pros & cons for starting and selling your own online course.

I have created alot of online courses teaching various things affiliate marketing,dropshipping and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way. The truth is, it’s not for everyone, so make sure you watch all the way through so that you can commit to create this income stream, or moving onto another one.

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Cons Of selling online courses .

#1 Creating an online course is time consuming .

Typically a good quality course needs about 3-4 weeks to complete . And that is only the first part . Along the way you need to do marketing to sell that course as well . So,  it is a continuous effort that you need to put in until you earn the revenue that you aim for . Well , not all courses created equally , my first course that I created 3 years back do not earn me anything .Just like any other businesses , you face the risk of not getting any sales.

# 2 People will not finish your course

Trust me on this , people will not finish your course . If they do , they are skipping from lectures to lectures . People might not fully engaged with your course , and did not find it useful to them , and might give you a bad rating . Some ways to counter this is to give out test on every section , and a bonus gift for high marks students.

Lets look at the Pros of selling online courses.

#1 Everyone can start selling

The best thing about selling online course is that everyone can start selling . Everyone know something . What you need to do is to create a course and sell what you know . If you love history , create a course about history , if you are good in Spanish , create a course and start teaching .

#2 Low start up cost

Starting up a online course business is very low cost and you do not need to have any professional editing skills to start with. As long as you have a laptop and smart phone you are good to go.

#3Build Your Community

It helps you to build your own community , and establish yourself as the authority on the topic that you are talking about . Building a community is just like lead collection , these people are interested on your course , and are excited to learn from you . You wana start building your community even before you create a course . As this will give you the advantage of doing presales to validate your course.

#4 Earn Passive Income

The benefits of having your online course created is you can enjoy the passive income . Imagine  this , you publish your course at the marketplace , and the course will help you to generate income as long as the marketplace is there . When you are sleeping , the course is still helping you to generate income when someone buy it . All you need to do is just , do the one time works in creating the course and you get to enjoy the passive income generated from it.

#5 Affiliate income

Another benefits of creating your own course is that it can help to generate affiliate income . You can include some of the relevant software , tools and earn some extra income from it .

#6 Offer Personal Helps

For some students that may need your personal helps , you can charge them additionally for the works .So , this is another good revenue that you can generate from building a online course.



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