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How To Drive Massive Traffic To You Online Course – The Fishermen Online Marketing System

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How To Drive Massive Traffic To You Online Course – The Fishermen Online Marketing System

Hei guy , I am Weng Honn here , in this video I am going to share with you the fishermen marketing strategy .This mini topic is part of my start up hero course full course. If you are looking to generate some good passive income by creating online course this is a course for you.

The fishermen marketing is not a new marketing strategy or a get rich fast thinggy , but this is a system that used by many online marketers . What am I doing here is to gather everything , and structure it into a more organize system , so that anyone can use this system to drive massive traffic to their online business .

If you are struggling to drive traffic to your online business , this is a video for you .

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how to develop online course that sellNow , lets learn about how you can drive massive organic traffic to your business.

how to drive massive traffic to my online course


To start with , lets look the fishermen anatomy .

So a fishermen , need to have a place to fish , need a rod , a bait and the rewards that he is going to get , is a fish .

And this is exactly same as marketing.

A place to fish , is the platform that we generate traffic .

A rod is the marketing effort that you need to put in. The bigger the fish , the bigger the rod . If you want to generate massive traffic , you need to spent massive effort , simple as that.

A bait will be the type of content that you use to generate traffic.

And The rewards will be the traffic.

So now , lets dive in a little bit deeper .

In order to start fishing , we first need to know where are we going to fish .As different place might require different bait .

Fish of all , we need to choose a platform for us to generate traffic.

The popular platform will be

– youtube




– blogs

-email list(if you have one)

– udemy (the largest marketplace for online learning)

My personal choice on platform will be youtube , facebook , pinterest , blogs ,email and udemy .

Before we continue , feel free to choose at least a good 3 platforms to fish .

Next we are going to look at bait .

There a couple of baits that you can use to drive traffic to your online course .

I assume that you already chosen the platforms that you prefer .

 You can produce videos, article , infographic , audiobook , podcast , ebook , free online consultation as your bait .

The purpose of this bait is NOT to hard sales your products or services , instead you are creating a mini course or valuable contents that able to help your audience to solve their problems .

Hard selling does not work anymore .

Next we are going to look at rod.

What sort of rod should you be using. How often do you need to post contents to your platform.

According to social media 101 training , buffer recommends this posting frequency,

For facebook , 2 times per day at most , twitters 3 times per day or more, linkedin 1 time per day , google plus , 3 times per day at most , pinterest 5 times perday or more , instagram 1.5 times per day or more .Not sure what is the .5 means , but yeah , this is the rod that you should be using .

So , this is the whole system of the fishermen system .

First you need to choose at least 3 platforms to publish your contents.After that , you need to choose what sort of bait that you want to give to your audience, last but not least , you need to choose the rod , which is the frequency of posting.

So now , you already have the fishermen system , next you need to learn about the fishermen mind set .

Mindset is Everything

Mindset goes further than tools and whatever knowledge you have.

– What are you thinking when you launch your boat to go fishing?

– What will happen if you don’t catch anything?

– Will you get frustrated and quit?

– Or will you drive on?

And this can be converted into ,

– what are you thinking when you published your video or contents on your youtube or facebook ?

– What will happen if you don’t get any sales or traffic?

– Will you get frustreted and quit?

Or will you drive on ?

You need to understand that , greatness does not come overnight . You need to go through days of tougness , strom ,sun burn , mosquito bite in order to get on a great bite as the sun was getting low in the sky.

A fishermen is a person that is very patient , appreciate everyday”s rewards big or small to none , has a strong determination on being success and definately a person that do not give up easily .

This is same as online business . On my first online course, I work day and night , no weekends or holiday , when my friends are watching movie , chilling their ass out  , I am hiding inside my room to finish off my online course and the sad thing is that I only get to generate my first dollars after couple of weeks . But I did not stop . As I know that if I can make a dollar today , I can make another 1000 of it .

So , do not give up be a fishermen!

Thank for watching this video , if you are interested in joining my full start up hero course programme , feel free to go over the describtion box and click on this link here , and enjoy 68% discount today . will see you on the next video.

how to develop online course that sell


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