hei Weng how do I get my YouTube video ranked #1 in youtube search results
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How To Rank My Youtube Video On First Page Of Youtube??

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Very often i get this question ,” hei Weng how do I get my YouTube video ranked #1 in youtube search results?” I reply with one simple name “TubeBuddy” and URL (affiliate link):


That’s it! TubeBuddy is a Chrome browser extension which provide excellence tools for user to look for what keywords are high demand in the niche that the user are in , what sort of tags is hot and tonnes of great tips and hacks to rank a video on the first page and even on the #1 in youtube search results.

TubeBuddy isn’t just some random third-party software, they are a CERTIFIED YouTube Partner! TubeBuddy has been a YouTube Certified Company since 2015 and is listed in YouTube’s official Service Provider Directory.So , it is basically make by youtuber for youtuber!

Why Youtube Buddy Is Great For Youtube Video Ranking ?

Well , i use it to steal my competitors clients ,as youtube buddy will tell me which tags and also keywords that is in high demand but in low competition.

How to Get TubeBuddy for FREE!

What are you waiting for?! Get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of YouTube search results with the greatest YouTube tool online!

Click this link to get your FREE Tube Buddy extension download today!


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