What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?
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What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?

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What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?

What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?What Does Hosting Means

What is Web Hosting actually?
Web hosting is a service that help us to create a website on the internet . Without web hosting it is nearly impossible for us to create a website , as it is too costly .

Web hosting is just like a airbnb host. It provides us accommodation when we travel to another country, so that we do not need to buy a house wherever we go.So , the host for airbnb is the web hosting . And the place that we stay is the website .

Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?

So , how do you choose a good web hosting? And what if you choosen a bad host? Well , imagine you have choosen a bad host on your airbnb stay , the host will screw up your whole holiday and you might lost your stay as well.

And this is exactly same as choosing a bad web hosting. It will screwed up your online business  , and you also might loss your business.

What Others Web Hosting Are There ?

There are plenty of web hosting out there , such as namecheap , hostgator and go daddy . I have personally tried all of them , and i decided to stay with blue host. With no offence , the most sucky one is namecheap .

I bought my web hosting and domain name with namecheap because of the cheaper price compare with the others 3 , but my website crashed the next day . THE NEXT DAY!!!! Holy molly . Well , what make things sucky is that , when i contacted the customer service , i waited for an hour , as they asked me to wait as they need to check what happen . This is not the worst , what is worst is that , after an hour they sent me an article , and ask me to download filezilla ,and follow the instruction on the article to fix that shit by myself .

Well , if you are a technical guy or pro in wordpress and hosting , this may be an easy job for you , but for people like me that only watch youtube and netflix , how the heck am i suppose to know how to do it ?

So screw it!

Hosgator and godaddy is a pretty good hosting . Is just that i feel more stable with blue host ,as their customer services and the overall services by bluehost is slightly better .

Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?

You have probably read tonnes of reviews about web hosting or blue host before readings this .

So , why should you read this ?

Well , what i am going to share with you is how a blogger or a beginner online business entrepreneur feel after using blue host.  I am not a web hosting expert , i am just like you , a normal dude that do only use internet for youtube movie and and netflix . So , things that require 0.1% of technical skills , i will pull off .

Lets look at why i choose blue hosting .

First of all PRICE !!!!

Honestly the price is not the cheapest one , the monthly fees is about $5.95 for a choice plan.

What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting price

Well it is definitely more expensive than webhosting like namecheap . But the service and feature you get is much more better than namecheap ,well at least they will not throw you an article and as you to fix shit yourself.

What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting integration

Next , the feature inside bluehost is very straight forward . Above is my own blue host web hosting account. it is very clear and clean cut . A beginner like me will not have problem on working around it .

Blue Host Is Offering 30 Day trial and money back guarantee

Well , listen to what i said is not better than you try it yourself .

For a blogger who is just starting out, you might not be comfortable or confident enough to commit to a host until you’ve tried them all out.

Which is why it’s awesome that Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their customers!Well , tbh , if you cannot work with blue host , i would say you will definitely find it even harder on others web hosting .

How does blue host 30days trial works is that , if you cancel Bluehost hosting plan within the first 30 days, then you’re entitled to a full refund from Bluehost. If you cancel your plan after 30 days, however, you’ll only be entitled to a prorated refund, depending on the remainder of your hosting term.

As a conclusion,

As a noobie in this whole online business thinggy , we need as much helps as possible in setting up and running our business. Beside this , we also needs something that is easy and simple web hosting , that able to provide all necessarily function to build and run a successful website. And i guess blue host has done a great job on this .

Do not take my words for it , try out bluehost yourself with 30 days money back guarantee here!

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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