WHAT IS Domain Name And Web Hosting
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What Is Domain Name And Web Hosting?

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What Is Domain Name And Web Hosting?

You have probably heard of  domain name and web hosting , more than you mum yell at out for being home late at night .

But , do you actually know what is the difference? Many beginners don’t know that these are two separate things.

In this easy and layman guide, i will explain the difference between a domain name and web hosting.

Boss What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the address of your website .It is just simple as that . Is just like every house has a house address , and every web site has a domain name .It is just that simple .

So , if your customer want to visit your shop , they will need to have your shop address .

And for online business , if your customer want to visit your online shop , they will need to have your domain name .

In other words, if your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

What Is Domain Name And Web Hosting

So , the address to my website will be bebossathome.com . If my customer want to visit my website , i will share him my domain name , which also is my website address bebossathome.com .

You may have heard of URL .URL stand for Universal Resource Locator .It simple means your web address.

So , domain name , URL , web address there all pretty much means the same .

Things to take note, just like every home address it only has one. You will not find 2 different house with same address.

Every domain name is unique. So before , you buy a domain name , check is the domain name available or not .

You can check the availability of your domain name by putting in the name that you want on below search box.

What Does Hosting Means

What is Web Hosting actually?
Web hosting is a service that help us to create a website on the internet . Without web hosting it is nearly impossible for us to create a website , as it is too costly .

Web hosting is just like a airbnb host. It provides us accommodation when we travel to another country, so that we do not need to buy a house wherever we go.So , the host for airbnb is the web hosting . And the place that we stay is the website .

It will be a nightmare if your air bnb sucks big time . And this same as web hosting . If your web hosting screwed up , your web site will be the same .That why , i only trust blue host web hosting .

To know more about web hosting and blue host read my article What Does Hosting Means and Why Blue Host Is the Best Hosting?

Or try out a 30days money back gurantee with blue host here .

As a conclusion,

A domain name is your web address , and web hosting is your airbnb that host your web address.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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