Alternative Supplier for Lazada ,Shopee and Start up Dropshipping
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Alternative Supplier for Lazada ,Shopee and Start up Dropshipping

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Hei guys ,thanks for joining me today .

In today”s video , I will be sharing the dropship supplier that you can use for your lazada or shopee dropshipping business and also for those that looking to start an online business for the minimum to no cost.

To be very honest , there are not really alot of dropshipping supplier in Malaysia that you can use for your dropshipping business . That is pretty sad , but I do get some pretty good supplier for dropshipping during my research.

The first wan will be chinabrands. Chinabrands is the best dropship supplier for lazada and shopee dropshipping due to the range of products and also low price .

However , I got alot of complain from members saying that , chinabrnads cannot intergreate with shopee malaysia . I do contact shopee personally , and the customer service says that , shopee actualy does not encourage dropshipping business model .

Another problem with chinabrands is the shipping method. As the products are from china , so the shipping will be longer than others.

Next will be kumoten Dropshipping Supplier
It used to be my favourite dropshipping supplier for my lazada store . The good thing about kumoten is that most of the products are from local therefore the shipping duration are shorter .
However , the price and products variety are much lesser than chinabrands .

Third will be Dropshipping Supplier
I met the savevalue2u founder couple days back , and we discuss alot of current dropshipper”s problem in Malaysia .

So , what is savevalue2u and how it can helps Malaysia”s lazada and shopee dropshipper?
Savevalue2u is similiar to kumoten . But , all of their products are store at their own warehouse , therefore , once they receive order from dropshipper , they will ship out the products within 24hours.
I do receive complaint from some of my members saying that alot of products from savevalue are out of stocks .

4th Asogo Dropshipping Supplier
If you are a bike person , and would like to start a online business by selling bike , Asogo will be your best choice.
Asogo is the leading dropshipping company on bicycles and related accessories. However, the dropshipping program is only available in West Malaysia, at the moment. Shipment of the products take 2-5 working days upon receipt of payment.

5th Kime Dropshipping Supplier
Kime is an online store which is selling all kinds of fashion clothing. This Company begins its first clothing retail outlet at Complex Yik Yik, Teluk Intan since 1988 , mainly targeted on low income group consumers.

If you are looking to start a boutique online business you can try kime for clothing dropshipping.

This is the top 5 dropshipping supplier that can help you to start your online business at ease.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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