Bagaimana Cara Daftar Affiliate Zalora _
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Bagaimana Cara Daftar Affiliate Zalora ?

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Bagaimana Cara Daftar Affiliate Zalora ?

Hei guys saya adalah Weng , so hari ini , saya akan ajar bagaimana anda boleh daftar affiliate zalora.

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So , lets begin . cara daftar affiliate zalora ada dua .

Nombor satu , daftar dengan involve asia .

Kedua daftar dengan accesstrade. Saya akan letak the registration link at the description box below for accesstrade and also involveasia. So do not worry.

Now lets look at what is the different.

Semua benda is pretty much the same , whether you daftar dengan involve asia ataupun accesstrade , kecuali commission yang dibagi oleh zalora.

So , involve asia are giving a direct 12% for new customers and also 6% for return customer. However in accesstrade it was abit different.

For a general commission , in accesstrade”s zalora is paying out 8% for existing customers which is 2% more than involve asia , and 16% for new customers which is 4 % more than involve asia .

GENERAL COMMISSION RATES: 8% for existing customers 16% for new customers.

Now , jom belajar cara daftar affiliate zalora dengan involve asia.

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