How to register For Shopee Seller In Malaysia For Dropshipping_
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How to register For Shopee Seller In Malaysia for Online Selling?

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How Shopee Seller Register In Malaysia – in 3 Steps

Hei guys I am Weng Honn here , in this video I will show you how to register as a shopee seller in Malaysia.

Register yourself as a shopee seller in Malaysia ,is a very simple steps. As long as you follow the instructions in this video , I gurantee that you will get your Malaysia Shopee seller account registered at the end of this video.

I will like you to follow and do everything that I show you in this video at the same time as you watch.

So , lets start .

Step no.1

You need to install shopee apps on your phone in order to register yourself as a shopee seller . It is a must.
Once you are done ,click on the apps and put in your personal details .Please write down these details on a separate piece of paper ,or on your excel sheets.

Step no.2
Go to your pc and type on shopee seller on your google.I prefer to manage my shopee store on a big screen instead on my hand phone.

Step no.3
On this log in column put the same details that you registered just now on your shopee apps.

And you are done !!!

Congratulations ! You already successfully registered your shopee seller account in Malaysia!

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