Possible For Malaysian Shopify Owner Dropshipping To Others Country _
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Possible For Malaysian Shopify Owner Dropshipping To Others Country ?

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Can Malaysian shopify owner dropshipping to others country like Us, Uk , Europe countries

I receive this type of questions at least once every week .So , I decided to make a video and explain everything that you need to know regarding this question.

The answer to you is Yes , and in fact A Malaysian shopify owner , can dropship to any others country that they want , as long as the country that they dropshipping to , has internet .

Let Me Help You to better understand about shopify.

Shopify is a platform that help business owner to host online shop .It is not a marketplace like lazada , shopee or amazon

Shopify give you the tools and place to set up your online shop .That is it . Nothing else.

And each sellers selling their own stuff individually without direct competing with each others under the same roof .
Amazon is a marketplace , which mean that inside amazon , it has millions of sellers having their store inside amazon itself .So , you will be competing with others competitors directly under amazon.

Next shopify ,WILL NOT help you to drive any traffic to your shop . They will provide the tools that you can use to drive traffic but by your self.

On the other hand , Amazon do advertise their web site to get more people to their website , but not to a particular seller.

This means that , on Shopify , you need to folk out the effort of marketing your business all by yourself.
With amazon , it will helps to drive huge traffic to their website, you might get some of the traffic to your shop , but due to the massive competition , you may ended up need to do your own ads as well.

You can sell to any country that you want using shopify . As I said earlier , shopify is just a hosting .So ,consumer can visit your store from all over your place , unless your products specifically only available in a certain country or on your ads , you target certain country to sell your products.
If not , you cannot ask shopify to specifically only sell to a specific country .

Amazon is different , as different country will have their own amazon website. Such as US amazon , or amazon japan where only serve Japanese etc.

Just a recap , Shopify is just a hosting , where it provide the tools to seller to set up their store .Nothing else . And yes, Malaysian shopify owner can dropship to others country like Us, Uk , Europe countries , basically any countries that supported by shopify.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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