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Hei guys I am Weng Honn here thanks you for watching.subscribe to my youtube channel and comment below on what would you like to learn at the comment box below and I will create a video for you.


Step 1: Register your get response account (link at description box)
Step 2: Choose your products in clickbank
Step 3: Get yourself a book (link at description box below)
Step 4: Upload to Google Drive
Step 5: Register A Youtube Channel
Step 6: Create a landing page using get response
Step 7: Promote On Youtube Channel

In this video I am going to share with you how to start a email marketing business from home within $50 ..If you are looking to start a home based business with below $50 per month this is a business for you.
So , lets get started .

There are 3 things that you need in order to start an email marketing business.
1)A email marketing software -An email marketing software”s job is to help you to collect and blast email to your clients with your products that you want to sell.
2)Products to sell -choose a niche category products to sell
3)Platforms to generate traffic – you need to have a place to attract traffic. Without traffic , you are not going to earn any money .
4)Free products to giveaway – noone is going to give out their personal details without getting something . So , you need to offer them something in order to get their personal details.
Lets me just quickly go through how are we going to do this , and I will show you step by step how to set everything up.

so ,you have a platform where you going to talk about your products.
After your presentation , you are going out an free ebook . But, in order for them to download the ebook , they need ti subscribe to your email list .

Your email marketing software will store all their details in it .
After subscription they will have the download link .

When you have any new products launched , you sent an email to those people to ask will they be interested.
If they buy , you will get the commission .and you repeat the whole process again .

So , this will sum up the whole process of how things works.

Now , lets learn how to set up a home based email marketing business without website .
The very first thing that we need to set up is a eamil marketing software.

The email marketing software that I highly recommend you to use is getresponse . It is by far the most easiest and simple email marketing software to use . i have put the register link below , register using the link below and you will get the cheapest price.Once you click on the link given at the description box , you will come to a page like this .Click on pricing.

It offers 4 different plan , for a beginner the basic plan is more than enough .$15per month is a very affordable for anybody.There are really no excuse for anyone to not start with it . I have created a 30 days challenge where you get to learn how to build your first 100 subscriber within 30days .

I have leave the link at the description box below where you can join in the challenge. Check it out.
Click on choose plan and key in all your payment details . so our budget is $50 deducted $15 dollars , we still have $35 dollars left. Trust me , we have more than enough .I will see you on the next step.

Alright , once you done registering your get response email marketing software,next we want to pick a products to sell.I highly recommend these 5 niche , if you already have a products to sell you can skip this step .

1)Fitness niche
2)Dating niche
3)Software niche
4)Online Money making niche
5)Investment niche

In this video example , I am going to choose dating nice.

Go to clickbank.com .register yourself a account . It is free. Loginto your clickbank account and go to marketplace.
Key in dating on the search box. First thing first click on this must have affiliate tools page.What it does is that , it will only show products that provide marketing tools. And this is very very important for a email marketing business as it will save us tonnes of time to create our own marketing materials.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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