A COMPLETE GUIDE TO START A PROFITABLE AFFILIATE MARKETING In this video I will talk about how you can start a profitable affiliate marketing for free.
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In this video I will talk about how you can start a profitable affiliate marketing for free.
Lets have a better understanding of what do we need to run a profitable affiliate marketing.
We need 2 things to run a profitable affiliate marketing business.
These are the 2 main things that we need to have in order to run a profitable online business.But The most important things is traffic . Without traffic you are not going to be successful , in any type of business.
I will just quickly go through where to get your products from .In this video I will want to focus more multiple ways to drive more traffic to your product.
The most popular platform to search for affiliate to products are , clickbank ,JV zoo , linkshare.com , cj affiliate .All of these platform are free to join and sell as well .

I am currently on Clickbank and link share .Another way to look for affiliate marketing is to contact the products that you want to sell and check with them do they have any affiliate programme , or you can directly search on google.
For example , jungle scout is a tool to search for profitable products in amazon .all I need to do is to key in jungle scout affiliate , and it will show me its affiliate page , if they have a affiliate programme. And all I need to to is to register myself into their affiliate programme and promote the affiliate link given by them.It is simple and easy .
For this video example , I will be using jungle scout as the affiliate products to promote .

The top 4 affiliate products to promote in my opinion are:

2)Money making niches
3)Investment niche
4)Fitness niche
Next , lets focus on marketing and traffic driving .
First of all let look at the different between paid and free traffic.

With paid traffic , we can use fb ads , google ads ,email marketing , youtube ads to drive traffic to our store. What are the benefits ?
Paid traffic is the fastest way and most convenient ways to drive massive traffic to our business and also able to drive faster result in short time comparing with free traffic .paid traffic is the fastest way to get result .

Well , can you get the same result without paying ? Yes you can , and this is the purpose of this video.The only catch to use free method is that , you need to work 10 times harder than those that using paid traffic .
So , lets me show you the must have marketing platform for free traffic .

The very first platform that I want to talk about is facebook .there are 2.45 billions users on facebook as at 2019 .

What we want to do over here is to create a group instead of a facebook page .The reason being is that a facebook group is far more engaging that having a facebook page itself. The main purpose of the facebook group is to provide helps and to answer your clients”s questions . You need to show people that you are actually a legit human . By having a facebook group you are actually building your own community and client list .So , everytime you launch a new products , you can sell to your community.Later in this video , I will show you how I gain 500 members in 4 months without spending a cents. So, do not worry too much on gaining members for now .
You very first task on free facebook marketing is to create a facebook group for the products or services that you are selling .

The next marketing tools that we want to use is wordpress or blogger.com

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to our affiliate products .Register your free wordpress or blogger.com . I have leave the link below , check it out .
But the question is , what should I write about ? Well , you do not want to randomly write stuff that noone want to read .
I will show you a tool to check what sort of things people are looking for .
Go to answerthepublic.com I have leave the link below you can check it out .

Key in the name of the products that you are selling , for me , it will be jungle scout .So , answerthepublic will show you all the title that people are asking on the internet . What you want to do now is to create a post on all these topics over here .

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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