How to Convert An Offline Retail Shop To A Profitable Online Business
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How to Convert An Offline Retail Shop To A Profitable Online Business

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How to transform an offline retail shop to a profitable online business

Hei guys I am Weng Honn here thanks you for watching.subscribe to my youtube channel and comment below on what would you like to learn at the comment box below and I will create a video for you.

In this video I will talk about how you can convert offline retail shop to a online profitable business .This is my first video talking about this topic do let me know what you want to learn , and I will create a video for you.

I run a retails business 5 years back on selling supplement , I have 4 retail shops and I shut down 4 of them due to bad business .So , at that time I was thinking what sort of things that I can do to increase my profit . And that is when I started my first lazada online shop .

So , if you are retail shop owner and looking to start and online business this video is for you.

Retails business can be divided into 3 categories in general :

1)Selling physical products

2)Selling Services

3)Selling Food and beverage

If you are selling physical products like shirts , watches perfume , just any physical products with including big objects such as furniture or even cars , you have to go online . You have to sell your stuff online .Well , it pretty obvious but surprisingly they are still people that selling their stuff 100% offline and complaining about their business is shit .

Some good platform for you to sell physical goods are:
These are the top 2 online selling platforms in the south east asia country . There are otheres bigger ecommerce selling platform such as amazon and ebay .

It is really easy to set these account up and It is free.

There are more than 25 million visitors to lazada website and 15.79 million to shopee every single month. Just imagine that you have a shop inside a shopping mall that has 25millions of people visiting the mall every single month .If 0.0001% of them buy from your store you already have 2500 people buying from you every month. Of course, most of the time it does not happen this way .due to the competition level in such marketplace and also the lack of

the skill and knowledge of seller in building a successful online business in such platform, such as seo , email marketing etc .We will talk about this in another videos.

Competition is just part of a business , in fact it is part of our live.So , instead of avoiding it , you need to think of a way to create competitive advantage for your business .

Big brands like XIAOMI, Philips, Maybelline and Olay are selling across multiple online platform. There are really no excuse for you not to be online .

Next Selling services.if you are in the services industry such as lawyer , a personal trainer,business consultant , you must have a website or facebook page.

These 2 are the most easiest way to bring your offline business online .

There are alot of things that you can do online which are alot cheaper that you do it offline .
1)First you can generate more leads to your business in a much more cheaper way .
2)People are able to contact you for a more convenient and faster way.
3)Cheaper overhead cost comparing renting an office .

There are a couple of ways that you can sell your services online .

The top way is to sell it as a course .

If you are a lawyer create a course and sell it to platform like udemy.
This Shaveen guy is selling a course called Criminal Law in 120 Minutes: A Fast Track Course .and there are 757 students enrolled in his course.

He get to earn about 3000 ++ by this course alot. And the best part is that it is passive income . Means that , you do not need to wake u early to attend to court to earn this money .

The money will come to you even when you are sleeping.

Last but not least Selling Food and beverage.
If your restaurent or shop is not online you are going to get kick out very soon by your competitors.The fastest and best way to get more sales from your restaurant is by listing it on food delivery platform.

The ayam rempah booth that I get my food from is also on grab food and also food panda !!!!

Look , The south east asia food delivery market is expected to grow from US$2 billion in 2018 to an estimated US$8 billion in 2025, as reported by Singapore state investment firm Temasek and Google.
People are ordering food online more often than 10 years back .

People love convenient and they do not mind to pay the extra charges.

I have a stuff that order a starbucks delivery , but the stars bucks is only downstairs! This is how lazy people are getting nowadays !

Those big players for food delivery in south east asia are :
1)Grab food
2)Food panda
4)Cloud kitchen



Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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