How to Start Profitable Lazada Affiliate Marketing Without Website In this video I will talk about how you can start a profitable lazada affiliate marketing business without website.
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How To Start A Profitable Lazada Affiliate Marketing Without Website

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How to Start Profitable Lazada Affiliate Marketing Without Website

In this video I will talk about how you can start a profitable lazada affiliate marketing business without website.

Just let me quickly go through the steps that you need to in order to start a profitable lazada affiliate marketing business without a website.

1)We need to build a email list
2)We need multiple platform to drive traffic to generate sales
3)We need to select products that people gonna buy
4)We need to create a facebook store.

I will bring you through everything as details as possible ,so watch this video till the end.

There are a total of 7 steps in setting up a Lazada Affiliate Marketing Business Without a Website.
Step 1: Set up your email marketing list
Step 2: Choose Lazada Products to sell
Step 3: Apply lazada affilite programme
Step 4: Create a facebook shop
Step 5: Upload Products
Step 6: Create a landing page to make more money
Step 7: Blast to all social media

Lets start by email list .
Email list is really the #1 key to make money on lazada affiliate marketing. In fact , all successful online business is making most of their money from email marketing .
Do not very too much , I will guide you step by step on how to set things up and how to run it successfully in this video .Just make sure that you follow through everything here .

After setting up your email marketing software, next we want to choose a lazada sub niche products to sell .

What is sub niche products?
– Sub niche is a term that explain a product that is in between general and niche .

How to choose which products to sell at the first place ?There are 3 ways for you to choose :
1)Go with what you are familiar with or things that you use most of the time.
This is very important as it will be very helpful in the later part when we want to drive traffic from our social media.
2)Check out lazada most popular selling products . I have leave the links at the description box below for you to download the list of most popular selling products in lazada based on different country ,check it out.
3)Test your guts feeling.
Well , sometime some great products ideas just pop up when you are inside the toilet or during your shower time . So , get those products from lazada and test them out .

Once you decided which sub niche that you want to go after, we need to apply for lazada affiliate programme.

There are 2 ways to apply lazada affiliate programme ,
1)Through involve asia
2)Through lazada affiliate programme itself
I will recommend you to apply through involve asia , as It will be much more easier for you to keep track on your sales and conversion rate in the future , when you have multiply affiliate programme.

So , just go to involve asia and apply yourself a free account.
Once you done that , loginto your involve asia .click on browse advertiser on the left hand side over here and look for on apply . Typically it takes 5-7 working days to process your application.You might have a question now. Weng , wont it be better if I direct my customers to lazada shop ?

My answer to you is NO! The problem of doing that is that , if you direct the customer to lazada , if they did not buy anything , you might loss this clients forever .

If he/she buy something from lazada , you only get to sell to them once , and they will never come back to you again.

But if you have their email and personal details that collected from get response, you can sell to them everytime you have a promotion or a new products. So this is the different .

So , the final stage will be blasting off your get response link to multiple platform.In this video I will quickly go through all the options available for you to generate traffic to your link.And all of the below options are free.


Create a wordpress and talk about your products .

2)Youtube video.

Create products review and publish on youtube video.Put your link on the description box .

3)Publish the video that you created on youtube to instagram .

4)Be active and helpful on others facebook groups and also others product related forums.You can put a link at the end of your post.

Lets have a recap:
1)Create a landing page from get response (register link at description box)
2)Create a involve asia account and register lazada affiliate marketing
3)Create a facebook page and facebook shop
4)Choose products on lazada
5)Publish all products to facebook shop and insert affiliate link generated from involve asia.
6)Blast your links to different social media platform.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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