How To Make RM 100 Passive Income Every MOnth by Seling Audiobook .In this video I will show you how I able to generate average of RM100 every month by selling audio book.
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Learn To Make RM 100 Passive Income Every Month Selling Audiobook

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How To Make RM 100 Passive Income Every MOnth by Seling Audiobook .

In this video I will show you how I able to generate average of RM100 every month by selling audio book.
So , I started up my audio book business about 2-3 years as an experiment , and after 3 years , I still earning about RM100 every single month , without me needs to do anything about it .
This business model is good for people that like to write ,if you hate writing like myself , is ok , I will show you how you can start this business as well .

Let learn how to start a audio books online business
In general There are 4 steps to create your own audio books .
Step 1: Ebook research
Step 2: Preparing your script
Step 3: Record your audiobook
Step 4: List It and earn

#1 Ebook research
I have enrolled in 2 courses on how to sell audiobook. And both course cost me around $1500 in total.
I am just going to share with you the essense in these 2 courses, and trust me , you will not want to buy these courses , as they are crap. These gurus earn more money than selling online courses that selling audio book , based on the stuff that they teach in their course.

Ebook research . online gurus will teach you on how to do research on amazon to look for the high potential ebook , and they will go like , hei this ebook already sold 20 over thousands copy , you can create this exact same audiobook and sell it to earn some good money as well .
Look , those book that selling like hot cakes , are produced by author that is super popular and also the top celebrities .People buy those book is because of the author not the contents of the books.
So , create a book based on the top selling ebook or audiobook does not actually works.

So , is there anyway to know what sort of audiobook that I should create ?
In a nutshell, topic that are related to:
1)Self improvement
2)Brain and memory
3)Weight loss
5)Online business
6)Digital marketing
7)Success mindset

Are hot topic that people are looking at buying . But , for a beginner , I would suggest you to create a book that based on what you familiar with and good at .That is how I started with .

#2 Creating A Script
Once you have selected what is the topic the next thing that you need to do is to preapre a book .
If you are writer or someone that that love to write , this will not be a big problem for you. But if you are like me , do not like to write , I have 2 solution for you .
#a hire a freelancer to write for you

You can go to fiverr , upwork or freelancer as pay freelancer to write a book for you .It generally cost about $100 for 20k words .

#3 Copy ,edit and paste method.
If the first method is too expensive for you , no problem , what you can do next is to look for the ebook that similiar topic to what you want to write about , download it , and edit the contents to avoid plagiarism and make it as yours.

You can go to places like to look for the ebooks that you want to write abut , download it and edit the contents .

#4 recording
So , once you have your contents or your ebook done , the next things that you want to do is to record your audio . The things about recording is that you might think that you need like fancy studio to record a high quality audio , but it is actually not the case . I mean you do need high quality audio , but you do not need to spent thousands of dollars in recording equipment .

I have bought snowball a audio recording devices, I have bought audio editting software and also couple of stuff that are recommeded by those so called online gurus for audio books. And it is crap and I feel do dumb to spent those money on these crap .
So do not waste your money on these stuff.

Instead , all you need is a smart phone and also a free software called audacity . This is the only 2 things that you need to record and edit your audio.Trust me on this. I record and edit all my audiobook just by using these 2 tools.and it approved by amazon .

#4 Marketplace
Ok once you have done recording , the next thing that you need to do is to list your audiobooks to the marketplace.

I use findaway voice to sell my audiobooks . So findaway is a audiobooks distributor . Once you list your audiobook to findaway voice , they will automatically list your audiobook to hundreads of audiobook seller store in the markets which include amazon .It save you tonnes of works to list your audiobook individually .
And the best is that , you can track all your sales in one place .
How much you need to sell?
At first I thought like ,hmmm I should sell $49.90 for each of my audiobook , I have put so much of hardwork into it .

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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