Top 5 Profitable Online Business to Start In Year of Rat 2020
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Top 5 Profitable Online Business to Start In Year of Rat 2020

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RAT YEAR 2020 :Top 5 Profitable Online Business to Start In Year of Rat 2020

Make more cash in 2020 with this Top 5 profitable ONline business to start in the year of Rat 2020.

In the past 5 years , things have changed alot especially on online that works 5 years back , does not works now, or you need to work lot more harder to make it works .

In today”s video , I will show you 5 online business that will works in 2020 .

#5 Selling Online Courses
Online course is a big market . 10 years back ,it was selling ebook , and now is the time to sell online courses .I am not saying that ebook is dead , it it just half dead hanging there.

Online course is the new way of people learn and read .

The big picture is that the market for online courses will continue to grow. Global Market Insights projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5 percent, leading to an e-learning market that will exceed $200 billion by 2024. according to

#4 Sell audiobook
If you want to sell ebook , make it an audiobook , audiobook is the next generation of ebook . People are getting busier to earn a living in this fast moving dynamic economy . People do not have time to take out a book and read . We just do not have that time . With audiobook , we can listen to it while walking to work or on the train . It is just so much convenient and easy .

#3 Affiliate Marketing
This is kind of old online business method , but it works , if the products that you are selling is trending .For example if your affiliate marketing is selling ebook , it will not works as good as selling cyro-currency .
The products that you are selling must be on trends as well . Affiliate marketing is not dead yet , as long as people are still looking for product information online .

#2 Private Labeling
This is the next level of dropshipping. Dropshipping is not dead yet , but it is half dead hanging .If you are new to dropshipping and want to squeeze into dropshipping , it will be a tough war.
Consumer know how things works . Private labelling is an advance version of dropsipping .
You are still going to dropship the products , but instead of having the same logo as everyone ,you are going to have your own logo with it .So , you are building your own brand.

#1 Freelancing Job

You might have heard of this before , freelancing is really one of the best way to start your online business in 2020 .They estimated that 36 percent of the American workforce is freelancing, with the number to pass 50 percent by 2027. Big company started to sub out their job to freelancing to cut down their overhead cost . I spent around 800 to 1000 every month on my online business on these freelancer .
List your service on platoform like fiverr , upwork or freelancer and start building your career on it .


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