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Hei guys , how is things going .Recently my property agent friend  ,asked me some opinion on leads collection for real estate agent in Malaysia.

After talking to him I realized that there are a few major things that can be improved on and I helped him to create a better system for leads collection .

I recorded the whole process on how I created this landing page , the reason for it , and also why it will be a better way to collect leads .

Hope this can help those property agent out there to get more leads .

Disclaimer : I am not a so called online marketing gurus , I just love doing experiment on using different marketing strategy and share it for those that need some fresh ideas.

So , if you are a property agent in Malaysia and looking for a better way to collect leads this video is for you .

Disclaimer : I am not a so called online marketing gurus , I just love doing experiment on using different marketing strategy and share it for those that need some fresh ideas.

In this video , you are going to learn how to increase your leads collection , how to build a landing page for your real estate business that will eventually brings you more sales .

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For those that do not know what is a landing page , Landing page is just like a website. But it is not as complicated as a website .Landing page is stand alone,and it is designed to convert visitors into leads .

Why landing page is important for property agent in Malaysia?

People that come across your website or your facebook ads , generally they will do 3 things.

  • 30% call and booked a slot for viewing
  • 50% people People that not interested with what you advertise they will leave and not going to come back again.
  • 20% of People that might not be interested with what you have now , but maybe they will come back later on

So , if you do not get their details on the spot when they visit your webs site or your faecbook ads, you are going to loss these 70% of your clients that might not be interested what you have now , but maybe with your others project or property .

So , landing page is going to help you to capture these 70% of people ,and sell them others property .

Now,Lets us look at some basic principle in building a property selling landing page.

– landing page has only 1 purpose , collects leads  and that is all about it .

– Keep your landing page straight to the point , simple and easy to understand.

– No one will give you their personal details easily , you need to give them some free to exchange for it.I will show you how later

– Keep your landing page related to your goal

– pick a niche to focus at . for example only for Kl area or selangor area.

Before we start on building your landing page , you need to think of which niche or property area that you want to focus on .

For example , are you selling second hand houses or new project? Are you focusing on kl area or selangor area?

A great niche to go after is selling houses that is below markets price.So , think of which niches that you are going after .

Next you need to create a freebies to hook your clients to subscribe to your landing page.

The easiest way to make a list .For example , I am focusing on all undervalue property in KL area.

All you need to do is to prepare a list of all houses that are below market price . Well , just make it up ,like you guys always do , and when you customers ask about the units on the list , you just tell them that , that one already sold off , but you have another one nearby. I know your tricks guys.

So , when you have completed the list , just up load it to google drive . I will just upload  a blank document just to show you how to do it.So , when you are done with this , we are now going to look at how to build a landing page to capture leads.


Now , the landing page builder that I am going to use is called get response as this is what I am using and it is begginer friendly .The basic plan is $15 plus is $49 and professional is $99 . Just go with the basic plan will do .I have put the registration link at the description box below , check it out , I will get some commission if you do buy from the link , and this will not affect the selling price.

When you click on the link given below , you will come to this page over here. getresponse give you a 30days free trial .you can sign up as free then upgrade to the basic plan later .

Put in all your details and click on start now .so the very first thing that you need to do is to go to your email and activate your account .When you done that you will be bring to this page over here.

So , the very first thing that you need to do is to create a list. And this is list is where you store all your leads .

As you can see here , I have plenty of list inside my account already , yours will be total empty.


Give you list a name . click on create when you are done.Next go to create and click on create landing page.This is going to be soo fun!

As you can see over here , there are tonnes of template that you can use , I know sometime it will be hard when you have so many choice to choose from . I will recommed you not to spent more than 1 minute over here . Still remember the 5 rules on creating a landing page? It needs to be simple and easy to navigate.

I am just going to pick this blue lagoon template.

Give you template a name.

Click on next when you are done.

So this landing page is to collect leads for those people that are interested with undevalue property in Kuala lumpur ,which include the 11 district in malaysia,

Bukit Bintang (103,820 – 5.8%)

Titiwangsa (198,690 – 11.1%)

Setiawangsa (179,000 – 10.0%)

Wangsa Maju (227,330 – 12.7%)

Batu (91,290 – 5.1%)

Kepong (10,740 – 0.6%)

Segambut (125,300 – 7%)

Lembah Pantai (189,740 – 10.6%)

Seputeh (230,910 – 12.9%)

Bandar Tun Razak (273,870 – 15.3%)



Ok , everything in this page can be customized .First thing first , if you have your own company name or logo , put it over here .

Just a reminder , a landing page should only serve one purpose which is to collect leads. So , you do not want to put too much of distraction that will eventually move your potential clients away before you got their personal details.

So , we are going to hook our potential client by giving them a list of property that is lower than the market price up to 50% . Well , you might think that 50% is alot , well , 10% -20% will not make any impact and will not trigger people to sign up . And you did not promise all property is 50% , you are saying up to , so it may only be 5%.

As you can see , there are alot of distraction underneath here , I am just going to delete everything here. My focus on this landing page is to get my clients”s information and not others things.Not even your social media , please , do not put your social media like your facebook or instagram here .

The reason is very simple , when they click on your facebook , and find nothing interesting ,you are going to loss this client that is going to become a leads .

I teach you when you should put it. Just be patient .I know is very tempting but no.

So ,after you clear everything off , go to the top here and click on thank you page.

So , this is the page where your clients is going to see after they subscribed to your list.

Now ,you want to put a link to download the list that you promised your clients.

You can type something like download your list.and next , all you need to do now , is to go to google drive, double click on the list that you uploaded early on , click on share ,and copy link.

Go back to your landing page, and double click ,click on this icon here ,choose  paste the link here.

So , what it will happen is that when you client click on it , they will be directed to download the list on a new tab.

OK, what you can do , over here is , start selling your property to your clients.Since they already subscribed to your email list , it is ok if they do not take any action from here , but we want to grab every opportunity to sell to our customers from now onwards.

You have to make your title as attractive as possible .

You can put something like this ,check out our latest undervalue property ,in kl area upto 50% below market price .

If a title cannot attract you to click on it , it probably will not attract as well .

Ok , next you can put your listing down here , I will suggest to put a maximum of 3 listing .

Go to right hand side over here,drag this over here ,and click on replace.You can upload your photo by clicking add files here. I am just going to upload these photo over here that I have.

Next step is super important .It depends what you want people to do . I would want the to book a call with me , so I will put something like this ,desa park city 35% below market price ,put your number here and book for free viewing. Now , you must put the “free” over here , although ,everyone know it will be free , in psychology ,”free” is consider a power word , and it can trigger human”s emotion on taking action .So , remember to put the words free here .

And same as the other wan , I just gonna put it as Kepong and I am going to hype it up to 50% .

Ok , from here , you can put your social media over is very simple . just go to your facebook page , group or your personal page ,this is my group , just copy the url on top over here , back to your landing page , and double click on the facebook icon,and paste in on url can do the same with the rest.

And you are done .

Next we need to check will this landing page works on mobile as well .go to this mobile icon here and click on it , click on  lets go mobile .And do the arrangement that you want to make it look more tidy.

When this is done click on variant a , and we want to make sure this page is on dot as well .

When you are satisfied with everything , click on next step on top here.

This page title and description is very important as it able to helps you on google ranking , so make sure that you have some keywords that is related to your landing page . In my case it will be undervalue property in kuala lumpur .so I need to make sure that I have these long tail keywords on my description will only read the first 160 character on these description , so make sure you write everything short and sweet.

Scroll down abit lower , on this url , is the link that you are going to promote on your facebook ads , youtube or on whatever platform , so make sure it is relevant to what you offer on your landing page.

I will name it as undervaluepropertykl . choose the list that you created early on . and make sure this is on default thank you page , if not , after subscription , it will not bring your clients to the thank you page that we designed just now.

When you are satisfied with everything , click on publish.lets check out the landing page that I designed .

Not too bad right . ok , lets test drive it. So this will be the thank you page. And , so people can booked a call with me if there are interested with below property. Or just process to download my list.

There you go ! you can now , use this landing page to collect as much leads as possible!all da best .If you love my video and would like me to create more video like this comment below and I will help up .

So , that is it for now remember to subscribe to my youtube channel . my name is weng honn. Thanks for your support.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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