I will be sharing with you why the famous “ sell me this pen “ does not works in copy writing to generate sales .The popular classic “sell me this pen”sales scenario from "The Wolf of Wall Street"
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🖋️Sell Me This Pen Copy Writing DOES NOT WORKS! This is Better

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Sell me this pen copy writing DOES NOT WORKS!

In this video I will be sharing with you why the famous “ sell me this pen “ does not works in copy writing to generate sales .This is a very interesting video that you will never watched before.So make sure you finished all part of this video.

Now lets dive in .

The popular classic “sell me this pen”sales scenario from “The Wolf of Wall Street”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous stock-broker and salesman used as a interview question or a test for individual to determined how good they are in selling a products.

Even my first job interview my boss asked me a similar question , “sell me this iphone”. Well , iphone does not need a good salesmen to sell it , it just need someone that has the money to buy it . You hardly able to sell a phone that is cost thousands to someone that barely afford to put food on the table .So , you need to get the right people to buy the right products.
The ability to rehearse and answer this popular sales interview question makes it a poor indicator of an individual for their ability to sell .

“Sell me this pen,” does NOT accurately measure true selling potential.Because of below situation :
– The question does not represent a typical sales scenario
– Asking, “Sell me this pen,” is more about showing how inferior the questioner than identifying future sales ability.
– A good sales person is a good listener not a good talker .
If you are going to copy write your sales pitch based on this “sell me this pen” formula , you are going to fail .

“Sell me this pen,” does not represent a typical sales scenario.
I love a good pen. The pens that I use cost from $5-250 .depends on what I use it for .
Is selling a pen a decent selling example, well yes , if you are selling pens.What if you are selling an ebook ? pod cast? Online courses?A software?

Well , for you that are watching this video right now , you might be saying , “Weng ,you don’t get it “
“Sell me this pen,” is about identifying if a sales candidate is able to effectively gather information ,respond , deliver information and close the sales .
Well ,as a sales person , I personally think that it is far more important to know if a person has the POTENTIAL to effectively engage and build good rapport with the Prospect in the first place.
Just imagine ,on your first copy write email , all you talk about is the benefits of your products , why they need to buy blah blah blah , your subscriber will definitely put you as spam .

This is actually called the so me syndrome .What you talk about is “What you think, is relevant to you.”. Everything that you said is based on your own experience and knowledge .

And your client may not have that experience or knowledge so they do not know what are you talking about. And if you client has more experience and knowledge than you , they will just stop listening to you , as what you are talking about are too childish for them.

So , your way of “sell me this pen” will only works , If you have a client that matched your experience and knowledge .Do you see the problem now ?

What you need to do as a sales person is to match with your client and not the other way round .Stop talking and start listening.
I love One of dan lok video “sell me this pen”. His video does not actually teach you the step by step formula of how to sell something , but instead something more powerful which is the psychology of why people buy . Unless you are not a human , if not his strategy will apply to pretty much everyone .
SO he shared below 3 strategy:
1)People Buy Because of Emotion
People don’t buy because of logic; people buy because of emotion. Their decision to buy is based on their emotions, and they justify it with logic.
2)People Don’t Buy Their Way Into Something, They Buy Their Way Out Of Something.
People often buy something because they think it will solve a problem they’re having. They have a problem they want solved, and you must convince them why your product or service will solve that problem for them.
3)People Don’t Buy Products and Services – They Buy Stories
How do you stand out from your competitors? Why should they buy from you if there are hundreds of similar competitors?
What’s the difference between a $2 pen and an $800 Mont Blanc, limited edition, John F. Kennedy pen?It’s the same pen. The $800 pen has the same functions as the $2 pen. So, it must sell because of the story. – dan lok

So , implement this 3 powerful strategy during your copy writing , and stop blindly selling the pen to the right people but with the wrong approach!

See you on the next video.

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