$1000 Monthly challenge for part time online business
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$1000 Monthly challenge for part time online business Part 1- 3 hours with hacks and tricks

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$1000 Monthly challenge for part time online business Part 1- 3 hours with hacks and tricks


Hei guys , how is things going .As you guys know that I created a video on my plan of action for this year to achieve 500% on revenue on my online business.

If you have not watch this video you can watch it now , it should have a link somewhere in the corner of this video .
This video is an update of what I did , and the result of all these works does it show any increase of revenue , sales or traffic to my online business.

And also an idea for you guys that want to start an online business what is working and what is not .

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#1 update is for my youtube channel

According to my calculation I need to create 514 youtube videos within this year and after rounding the numbers it will be 2 videos a day .

so ,as you can see over here , I did post up 3 videos yesterday and including this video it will be total 4 videos ,so within 2 days I created 2 videos in average which is in check . But , let me tell you one thing , I was planning to create another 3 today , but I am exhausting , seriously , my brain cannot really think of the topic to create.

Because of this , the whole 3 hours that I have , I decided to make a short video like this one and also spent all my time on answering questions on Quora and attached my youtube video onto it.

What I do is that , everytime when I create a youtube video like this , I will write it down on words as a script .So what I do is that , I will go to quora and look for question that I can answer based on the video that I have.
For example ,should I go for affiliate or dropshipping ?
I have this video , so what I do is I copy and paste the script that I made for my youtube video and paste it over here.

This article has about 120 views so far. Not too bad.Well not all people will click on the video and watch it , but if only 5% out of this 120 people watched my video ,still make an impact on my revenue .

This is actually another great way to drive traffic to your youtube channel.
So far in this month , I have 1.8 views on all of my article. Not too bad .

Another thing that I done today is to create a youtube goal tracking sheet, where I track my daily , monthly and yearly production , to make sure that I will reach my goal at the end of the year.

So , as you can see over here,I will write down my daily video production and with simple formula , I get to how much video I need for this month and also how far am I from my yearly goal.

For example , if i will have 2 video today , the total videos that I need to produce will decrease .
If you are starting a youtube channel with a total goal of videos that you need to achieve , this is a good way to track your performance.Or some will say KPI on a more corporate terms.

What about my blogs?
Honestly I do not have much time on building my blog . I just ordered 10 seo and keywords based article from upwork . I should be able to get it within these 7 days .

Well, what surprice me is that today when I open up my clickbank account I saw 2 sales in which is 1 from the 1st of january and another one the 8th of january .Well not too bad at all.

I hope that when the 10 article comes in , I get to jack my affiliate revenue abit more .

So , that is it for now .I really hope that you already start taking action on building your online business. If I can do it , you can too .
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