In this video I will be sharing with you the 3 Best Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business for a beginner and also a advance marketer.3 Best Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business -Beginner to advance
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3 Best Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business -Beginner to advance

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3 Best Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business -Beginner to advance


In this video I will be sharing with you the 3 Best Way To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business for a beginner and also a advance marketer. This is a quick guide , if you need me to talk more in details kindly let me know on the comment box below.

Just let me clear this off first , I spent average about 3 hours daily 365days on working on this website and also others businesses .So , 3 hours is the least hours that you need to put in to make things works.
And this video serve as an idea of how things works , if you wan a more details video on how to make things works , let me know by commenting below .

Ok lets dive in.

First of all there are 3 layers on starting up an affiliate marketing.

1st layer will be 100% zero cost start up where you do not need any money to start.Which also where I started .
So , very simple the methodology will be choosing a products from a platform like clickbank .And then you promote it to platform like youtube , facebook ,and forums .
Some quick good niche for you :
1)Weight loss of fitness niche
2)Software niche
3)Cryptocurrency and investment niche
4)Online money making niche

Some quick and useful tips for you when you blasting your link to facebook ,forums or youtube channel.
1)Never ever direct promote the long ugly affiliate link on any platform.
2)If you want to do that , shorten your link by using bitly first before posting.facebook or others forums might not even allow you to put the link down.
3)Never hard sell your product. The art of affilite link spamming is to give value and information related to your audience ,and then direct them to your products.
With this method you will not need to spent any money. Effective I will say 30%

Next ,
The next level you will need 2 things a website and a email marketing software.
I will suggest you to use bluehost and also getresponse as both are what I am using now. And I also created a course on how to set things up for your affiliate marketing for free. Yes 100% for free , no upsells or whatever , just enroll and get things down and running.

The reason why the zero cost method does not works is because , you will not build your own customer list.

When you are directing someoene to your products on 3 scenario will happen ,he buy , he did not buy, he leave and might buy in the future.

If he buy , and get to earn the commision but loss the clients forever. If he does not buy , you do not earn any money and also loss the clients.If he leave and come back and buy you will not get the commision or you might get depends on which platform”s products you are selling.

So , the best way to continuously sell to these guys ,is by capturing their details.
The flow will be as such:
You buy a $5 ebook , post your article on your youtube , facebook , forums , instead of directing them to you products which we call a landing page , direct them to download this ebook by giving you their personal details .

What you have done over here is that , if these guys do not buy you products at the first place , since their details already in your email list , you can keep selling to them on others products.

Seconds , you do not have any risk of getting banned by social media or any forum because the link that you are directing is not a long ugly affiliate link that google hate.
Blue host cost $2.95/month and getresponse will be$15 per month so is $18 per month. The cheapest and effective way to run a online business

I have leave the link below where you can learn everything on how to run a affiliate business using website and email marketing at the description box below.It is free for you to learn.Go and grab it now .

Next ,when you are ready and confidence that you know how things works , the final level will be investing on facebook ads .
The reason why I do not encourage begginer to get into facebook ads is because little money wont bring you any sales from facebook marketing . I would say a good $10 adays and $300 dollars a month will be a good amount to test things out.

The reason is very simple . Alot of people do not understand how does facebook algorithm works .

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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