4 Ways I Make Online Sales As Part Time- 3 Hours Work Daily
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4 Ways I Make Online Sales As Part Time- 3 Hours Work Daily

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4 Ways I Make Online Sales As Part Time- 3 Hours Work Daily


Hei guys , I am weng honn here , thanks you for watching this video. If you are wondering how to make your very first sales this video is for you.And the #4 which is the last methods is my favorite one.

All of these 4 methods is not by using any paid ads such as facebook or google adsense.So , If you are on a budget but still want to make some money , this video is for you .

There are only 1 ways to earn money from whatever that you are selling.
Which is traffic .
No matter what type of online business that you are doing , affiliate marketing , dropshipping , selling online courses , you need to have traffic .

So , I am going to share with you the fastest way to generate traffic and how to sell to these traffic .

I have tried generated traffic from my youtube channel , fb group and also through instagram , but these method are slow and you need to keep posting ….

So , a better and faster way to build up traffic is by creating free course and put it out on the marketplace.

So , lets look at this life coaching course that I created on december last month. And now it has 1k plus students enrolled.
I am sure that you cannot get 1 k subscriber in a month time just by posting video right?
Now ,just think about this. You now have 1k subscribers in your list , so how are you going to sell your products to them ?
Just be aware , udemy has a very strict rules on where you are sending their students to. So , just be careful .

#1 Traffic to direct products

This is the old way of doing it . So , you have your traffic , what you gonna do now ,is to sent them an email and direct them to your products page . This ways works , if you have your own store or directing your traffic to your youtube channel .

So , for example your are promoting a traffic funnnel course . And your affiliate programme provide free webinars .You can create a free course on udemy about traffic. Once you got students enrolled you can now direct them to your affiliate page . what you can do is write something like , Learn the 5 Best way to generate more traffic in 2020 with this free webinars , then you direct them to the webinars page.

#2 Traffic to your website then to your products.
If you have a website ,you can first direct your customer to your website and them let them decide to which products they want to buy.

Using the example previously , you can write an article about the top 5 methods to generate traffic on your website .And then you direct your traffic to your website .If they are interested with what you offer , they will proceed on joining the course.

The benefits of doing this is that:
1)It able to bring more traffic to your website
2)Your subscriber might click on your others article and buy your others products
3)Udemy and google will like this more , as they hated direct affiliate link url

#3 traffic to email marketing to products
This method is better than the previous 2 .
So , the problems of the previous 2 methods is that , if your customer did not buy from you , you may loss them forever .Although these students will keep in udemy , but what happens if one day udemy banned your account ? and also email marketing serve as a prequalified filter as well .

Just think about this , people that joined your free course , not necessarily people that interested with your course, just because your course is free that why they joined .

So , by putting a qualified layer , people the subscribe to your email list is people that really interested with your products.

According to research ,people that passed through the qualified layer has a 60% of buying intention compared with the one that did not passed through at 12%.

To do this , you can create a short report or an ebook about the statistic of traffic generated from different social media .and what you can do now is direct them to your landing page and ask for their email and name before they can download this reports.
It is simple as that .

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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