7 Power Persuasive Words to Make More Money In Your Copy Writing ,in this video you learn the 7 power words that used by online marketers to bring them more sales .
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7 Power Persuasive Words to Make More Money In Your Copy Writing

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7 power persuasive words to make more sales in your copy writing .


In this video you learn the 7 power words that used by online marketers to bring them more sales .

Hei guys , I am weng honn here , thanks you for watching , in this video you learn the 7 power words that used by online marketers to bring them more sales .
Now lets dive in .
Before we get started it is super important that we learn the science behind these powerful and persuasive words so that you can have a better understading on how does things works .
According to Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, words can literally change your brain.

Positive words, such as “peace” and “love,” can alter the expression of genes, strengthening areas in our frontal lobes and promoting the brain’s cognitive functioning. They propel the motivational centers of the brain into action, according to the authors, and build resiliency.

In another way of saying , the right words ,can trigger a emotional reaction of a human being . Therefore , there is a famous saying , people buy by emotions.

When you use power words in copywriting, you grab the attention of more people, your content becomes more influential, and people act on your advice. And what’s more … a careful selection of power words helps shape your voice.

What are power words?
Weak words have a shallow meaning—they don’t make readers feel something and they don’t allow readers to visualize your words.

In contrast, power words tend to have strong meanings. They nudge people to take action—to download your report, to contact you for a quote, or to implement your advice.

Now lets look at the top 7 powerwords that you can use and start seeing money coming in

Power word #1. New
“New” takes us on an adventure, a journey of discovery.

our brains are wired for “new.” It is human instinct to be interested in new things. It helps us innovate and seek new opportunities.

Power word #2. Free
Our attraction to freebies is irrational .“FREE” is not only powerful when adding bonuses to a product or service; you can also use “Free” to attract attention to your blog posts.

Power word #3. Imagine
When people can hold your product in their hands, their desire to own your product increases.

This is why car salesmen tempt you to test drive a car. And why jewelry sellers suggest you try that necklace to see how it looks.

Power word #4. Because
Presenting a reason why people should do something can trigger an automatic response.
According to research , If you don’t give a reason why people should allow you to jump the queue, only 60% lets you go ahead.
But when you give a reason, using the word “because,” 93% of people allow you to jump the queue.

Power word #5. Instant
we all know the feeling of wanting something now.Imagine that there are 2 options for you , 1) after buy you can download the book instantly 2) after buy you only can download after 3 days but with 10% cheaper in price . Even though option 2 is cheaper but people will be more lightly to go with option 1 , because they can download the book instantly after paying.

Power phrase #6. How to
Do you know most of the best selling books and courses start their title with HOW TO?
“How to” works even better when the advice promised is specific and valuable.

Power phrase # 7 : Numbers
Numerals like 8 or 7 or 93 aren’t words, but they can instantly boost your persuasiveness.


Usability expert Jakob Nielsen tracked eye movements of users visiting websites, and he found that “numerals often stop the wandering eye and attract fixations, even when they’re embedded within a mass of words that users otherwise ignore.”

Numerals attract attention because they look different from letters. Moreover, numbers represent facts.

I started experiencing my own youtube videos by putting in numbers on my youtube thumbnail and also title ,and it show 20% increase in views for the same niche.Not too bad right .
So this is the 7 powerful persuasive words that you can use on your copy writing to get more sales coming in .

See you on the next video.

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