All you need to know about copywriting in 4 minutes .In this video you will get to understand what is copy writing and how to do a good copy writing.
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All About Copywriting in 4 minutes

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EVERYTHING About Copy Writing in 4 minutes


All you need to know about copywriting in 4 minutes .In this video you will get to understand what is copy writing and how to do a good copy writing.

This video is definitely for beginner copywriters or those that want to know about what actually is copy writing.Enjoy 🙂

Hei guys , I am weng honn here , thanks you for watching , in this video you will get to understand what is copy writing and how to do a good copy wirting.
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Now lets dive in .
Copy writing is your secret business success and also career building .So, what does copywriting actually mean .
Is copy writing is all the stuff you learned in school about grammar or writing a great essay that you get a Aplus with it.

You might think your readers want to be educated or even entertained by your sales copy but they actually don’t.
And this is where a lot of copywriters go wrong because what your readers really want is for your copy to help to give what they need and also solving their problem.
So good a copywriting should be like a medicine that able to cure diseases.
It should fix whatever “disease” your reader is having as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
You may wondering now , do I need to be a good writer ? Do I need to learn how to write a good novel like J.K. Rowling to become a good copy writer ?
Well , not necessary , JK Rowling does not do her own copy writing , she hired someone else to do it .
All you need are the tools to understand your customer and then the tactics to persuade them.
So what is copywriting really ?copywriting is the process of using words to make things sell better.
It is the arts of turning words into sales .
That is the only goal with copy writing. In other words, getting people to take an action after reading your stuff .
It’s actually a marketing tool because the way that you frame your words can change how people behave.
Whether that’s true in email or web page or video script or anything that you’re writing.In fact , a good copy writer can make a videos that sell like crazy!
The way that you frame your words can mean the difference between getting a sales or not .
Which is why copywriting is the most profitable skill a business can learn.
Because if your words don’t move people to take action how are you going to sell anything.?
Imagine that your goal for this year is generate 100k buy you do not know how to copy write. Is just like you have a dream but you do not want to take action .You are not going anywhere , you are not going to achieve anythign
Let me give you a scenario,to understand copy writing better .

During our father time ,to run a business you’d open a shop put up an ad on yellow pages .
But then the Internet came along and changed everything.
Nowadays to run a successful business , all you need is internet , you do not even need to have a physical products .
What about yellow pages?? Copy writing is the new Yellow pages .It does exactly what the old thick dictioanry like yellow pages does , but better .
Once you learn how to copy write to persuade and convince people to buy things from you or getting a team to agree with your ideas from getting and invested to fund
your start up or even your boss to give you a promotion there’s not one element of your life that won’t be improved by writing more persuasive copy and that’s why I believe that copywritingis your secret business and career building to say congratulations on taking this first step.
So , this is copy writing in the nut shell . Thank you for watching , my name is Weng Honn.

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