Copy writing for real estate is slightly different from others niche such as software ,and weight loss programme , as the primary method of selling a property majority are through listing .
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Hei guys , how is things going .Welcome back to another great video.
In this video I will share some hacks and tips for real estate copy writing , to help you to boost your sales higher .

Copy writing for real estate is slightly different from others niche such as software ,and weight loss programme , as the primary method of selling a property majority are through listing .

So , we are going to learn about how to copy write a good property listing , so that you will stand out from your competitors.

A couple of things that I would like you to keep in mind are below 4 things about a potential property buyer.

#1 These potential buyers are looking for the best deal for the location that they are interested at
#2 These potential buyers have their own budget
#3 These potential buyers have their “dream home design” in their mind
#4 Generally they know abit about the environment but not clear

Alright . Lets begin.

On most of the listing platform ,you will have images,price and a short description of what are you selling before the long description when your your potential client click on it to read more.

So , that also mean that we have images , price and these short description to attract our clients to write our sales copy.

As I mention before , every potential buyers have their own budget and looking for the best deal for the property. So , the very first thing that you really need to do is to come out with an attractive price . Or what I always tell my client , an irresisitable price.A price that if people do not buy , it will make them look dumb.

Next , if your price get to attract your client”s attention , the very next thing that they are going to look at is the image .as I mention before all potential buyers have their own images of their dream home in their mind .

Therefore , it is super important that you upload clear photos of your house and Its surrounding.An make sure that you clean everything up before taking those pictures.

If the price and photos are satisfied , they will most probably click on your listing without reading your short description . But we still need to make sure that we set things up perfectly.

So , you only have a couple of sentences to impress your potential buyers.

The first sentence of your listing,you must immediately gets right to the point of what the real estate ad is all about.As we learn before ,avoid any filler .
The idea is to immediately inform your potential clients about what they’re looking at.
In this first section, you could say something like:

You’ll love this gorgeous 2-story home located just 2 blocks from City Park Elementary in downtown Wellington .
So , when you have the price , the images and a short and sweet description
we’re actually simply answering the client”s question “What am I looking at?” and why should I buy from you ? and to giving them a reason to keep reading.

Ok .
Now the game start here.

Most property agent will just copy paste all the ads from the same area as it will be the same as it is in the same area .
So , your potential clients might already read that type of copy write 100 times before reading yours.
So , it is a good chance for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The purpose on this long description has only 1 purpose .Is to make this client to book you a call. That is all about it .

So , in this long description you need to do 2 things,
1)Talk about the primary features and benefits of the property
2)Describe the Property in a Compelling and Inspiring Way

Lets look at this example .
-Two Bedrooms
-Huge backyards
-Open space Kitchen/Living Room
-One Ensuite Bedroom
-Two Bathrooms
-Garden With Direct Access
-Double Glazed
-Central Heating
-Allocated Parking

So , do you think that this look good? Not at all seriously . This agent must have hundreads of house that he need to list.
If you have such problems just hire someone to write for you.No point to list shitting things up without proper copy write ,just for the sick of listing.

Lets go back to above example :
So ,This is what it does wrong:

-Mostly states just the features of the house no benefits and result stated.
For example, instead of the above ad stating “huge backyard”, it should say “A chilling backyard that you can escape to after work, with enough space for barbecues, and great privacy”. it’s 100 times better than the boring huge backyards.

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