This video will exposed to you the best Youtube Topic To Create based on My Own Experiment on 19 niches with near to 300 videos.
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The Only Way To Get Youtube Video View and Subscribers 2020

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The Only Way To Get Youtube Video View and Subscribers 2020

More Money Making Video On Our Youtube Channel

This video will exposed to you the best Youtube Topic To Create based on My Own Experiment on 19 niches with near to 300 videos.

I totally understand that it is hard , I mean it is really hard to earn your first dollars on youtube channel .

Just a disclaimer , I am not a so called youtube gurus that going to teach you some basic stuff and sell you a course and the end of the videos.

What I am sharing with you is my own experience and what works on me that you can literally copy and paste it on your youtube channel .I have created video on 19 different niches with near to 300 videos . So I definitely have some great insight information to share with you guys on what topic really works and not.

You can check out my youtube channel from time to time to see what sort of videos that work and you can copy and reproduce one on your channel as well.
So my channel is just like a lab test channel . and I do not mind you guys to recreate my high performance video , as I want to see you success and make some money on youtube as well .

Before we start , if you would like to support my lab test youtube channel subscribe to it , I will be highly appreciate it .

Now lets begin .

I would like to begin with by sharing with you guys all the niches that I have created so far and then I will be showing you which niches with the specific title that worth reproduce on your own channel.

So I have produced :
1)Government subsidy on my country
2)Life coaching business
3)Wuhan coronavirus 2020
4)Starting freelancing at home
5)Apps building
6)1000 challenge
7)This or this (a comparison between 2 products or niche)
8)Youtube ideas
9)How to start online business in mandarin
10)Building A Successful Youtube Business
11)Amazon online business
12)Dropshipping with shopee lazada
13)Starting online business
14)How to start a blog
15)Starting up ebook and online business
16)Affiliate marketing
17)How to create online courses
18) Dropshiping with shopify
19)Affiliate marketing with shopee and lazada.
Out of all this topic only 3 topics are giving me some good quality traffic.
1)Government subsidy on my country
2)Wuhan coronavirus 2020
3)Dropshipping with shopee and lazada

Being said so , not all videos in this 5 topics having great views .
My assumption for a good videos will be anything videos that are above 14% from my total subscribers.
I have 4k subscribers now , so a good video should have 560 views and above .

Now ,Let me break it down which video are giving good performance and you might want to recreate and grow your channel.

1)Government subsidy on my country
This is a new niche that I am experimenting on . What I do is that I look for all the government subsidy that provided by my local government and make a video out of it .This is a very niche topic , only a handful of youtuber are doing it.

The top video is with this title
“Permohonan Bantuan Sara Hidup BSH 2020 dan Syarat Syarat Permohonan”
It has 760 views within a week time.

If you just starting your youtube channel , and you are from malaysia , you can consider making more videos around this title .

If you are from others country , you can look for what are some of your local government subsidy that it offer .

The language that used in your video is very important as well , as Bahasa is the main language in Malaysia , and more news and article regarding this subsidy are mostly in Bahasa , therefore , I will choose to create this type of video in bahasa as well .

2)Wuhan coronavirus 2020
Wuhan coronavirus is the top performance video so far , I can get 400 to 500 video views within 24 hours for some videos and couple of thousands of views in just 7 days .
My top 3 performers are
1)IS A LIE! Wuhan Coronavirus 3 Things That YOU HAVE BEEN Lied To! It has 4.8 views in 10 days
2)90,000 People Infected By Wuhan Corona Virus 2020 Is NOT TRUE! (translated)it as 4.4k views in about 10days
3)Latest Update From China Wuhan Corona Virus 2020( Translated) in 2 weeks it has 3615
as you can see over here most of my video about wuhan corona virus is stated as
Ad suitability .It means that I will not any money from youtube ads for this type of video.

Well , it seems like it is a great content to go for , but youtube will not pay for this type of contents .But , why I am still creating it on a daily basis ?
For 2 reason.
A)To get more subscribers for the future growth of my channel
B)To get more possible share of my channel to others platform

Those are the 2 main reason why I still creating such video although youtube is not paying me.I have gain about 300 plus more subscribers compare to last month after I published videos on this topic.So ,feel free to copy any of my video on this topic .

3)Dropshipping with shopee and lazada
I started up my channel with dropshipping with shopee and lazada 4 years back , as that is what I am doing at that time , and I just think off to share what I know to the world.And it turns out pretty good.

If you are a dropshipper on shopee and lazada , you can too copy my topic on my channel and reproduce your own video to start a youtube channel.
Let me show you my top 5 performing video on this niche.

A)Dropship on shopee using aliexpress- How To Sell and Make Money With Shopee Dropshipping it has 5247 views in 3 months time
B)It Works! How to DROPSHIP SHOPEE WITH CHINABRANDS it has 6439 views in 3 months
C)How To Become Malaysia Shopee Seller and Dropshipping to Shopee Malaysia .it has 3086 views in 4 months time
D)How To Dropship Shopee Using Chinabrands – Part 1 17k views in 9 months
E)Aliexpress and Chinabrands , Which One Is Better for Dropshipping Business.7k views in 11 months .

The biggest lesson that I learn by creating dropshipping with shopee and lazada is that , you need to create video that is local based instead of international based.

For example , if I want to create another videos on dropshipping with shopify , I will get slashed and killed ,as there are ten of thousands of videos out there about shopify .It is really hard to get into the niche .

So , instead of creating an international topic , go with local . And I call this theory as think global and do it locally.

For example , shopify are used for amazon and aliexpress dropshipping . Is there any others droshipping platform like shopify in my country,locally ?
And the answer is Yes ! Dropshipping with lazada and shopee!

Lazada and shopee is like that Asian amazon ! so I created more than 50 videos around this topics .You can check out my channel and copy and paste all videos I have on this channel , I do not mind at all.

The thing that I do mind , is that , you DO NOTHING AFTER learning so much from this video!

That is for now , do comment below what sort of video that you think might work and not too sure , and would like me to create some experiment video on these topics.

Subscribe to my youtube channel to support my lab test on different niche topics, so that you get to copy and paste as well!

Thanks for watching my name is Weng Honn.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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