Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Any Recording With Videos 1 Million View | Make Money Online
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Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Any Recording With Videos 1 Million View | Make Money Online

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Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Any Recording With Videos 1 Million View | Make Money Online

Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Any Recording With Videos 1 Million View | Make Money Online
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➡ About this video : In this video, Weng Honn shares how to make money on Youtube without having to film any videos! If you want to make some passive income on Youtube, this video is for you!

Hi guys how is things going? These mind calming ,meditation videos that able to reduce stress are super popular on youtube.look at these videos millions of view! 1000 views on youtube you will be earning around 3-5 dollars . so , 1 millions views willl be about 3000 to 5000 dollars with 1 single videos.
Make $100/Day On YouTube Without Making Any Videos
10 videos will be 30k -50 k amonth !
And let me tell you this , these videos are super easy to create. In this video I am going to show you , step by step how you can create this type of videos within 10 minutes of works.
Trust me it is very easy.

In this video I am going to use a programme which is called creatox , where you get to access to tonnes of free videos that you can use for your videos. This is the not the main point, with only 1 for 5 days trial you get to learn also how to create and monetize videos on youtube without creating any video or recording. So , if you are a noobie on this youtube business , pay $1 learn everything in 5 days , if you wana stay you can , if not just cancel it.
I have leave the registration link below . So when you click on the link given below the comment box , you will get to see this page over here.Earn from youtube without creating your own videos.
On my previous videos I have talk about some of the keys element on what type of video , audio and photo that you need to choose so that your video will not get banned by youtube. So , please go through this video first before you watch this.

Watch this video by clicking the link up here.
Sign up , choose videos ,upload and earn.
60 days money back guarantee
Join now for $1 for a 5 days trial and 47/month.
Click on join now , insert all your payments details and you are done.
Check your email and click on access
Crete your own account.
So , as you can see over on your left hand side over .
You will get to learn pretty much all the basic fundamental must know about youtubeing.
How to make money from youtube, rank your youtube videos , and how to do your video marketing.
And I do not think all these courses worth 47 per month , especially if you are an advance youtuber.
But is a good resources for noobie.So , learn all this basic stuff and cancel your account within 30days.
Next we wana go to choose from millions of videos.
Pixabay , pexels or cover are free to use anyway .you do not need to pay anything for this.
Lets choose pixabays.

Just choose whatever that suit the video that you wana create.So , clam ,meditation will be link to like water flow river. I will just choose this river water make sure that this video is free for commercial use and no attribution required.

Click on free download.
So we have our videos done.
Next we are going to choose an audio.
Type on youtube free audio .

Select attribution not required duration , you can choose more than 5 minutes depends how long you want your video to be .
And mood will be calm.genre let choose ambient.
Let try . not good. Lets try this inner sound.good this sounds great click on down load.
Ok, next we are going to use one free video editing software , open shot.
If you do not have this software you can download it.
Just type in open shot on google .and choose whichever that best suit your laptop.
Ok .

Open it up when you done installing .
All you need to do now , is very easy . drag and drop both your videos and audio to this software.
Ok , this audio is 15 minutes long , you can copy and paste this same video until it reach 15 minutes if you wan. In this video I will just cut it short.
Just have a listen to it when you done your editing.not too bad right .
Now , we need to export this video out.

Lets listen to it .not too bad right
All you need to do now is to upload this video to your chanel and you are done!
Just to give you a headsup , creating 1-2 videos ,will not help you to gain much subscribers or views if there are any , unless you already have an existing social media that has tonnes of subscirbers , such as on your instagram , facebook ,tiktok or your website , where you can drive traffic from there.
If not , I will suggest you to start building your youtube channel with at least minimum 1 video a day for the next 90 days where you get to produced 90 days.

Well , you only need like 10-15 minutes aday to complete this works!!!
So , what you need to do next after watching this video is to take action!!!
Will see you on the next videos. Bye bye.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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