In this video you are going to learn to make money on youtube without making videos .
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Hi guys , how is thing going . My name is Weng Honn , in this video I will show you how to can make money on youtube without making any video by yourself , with this copy and paste method.

You do not need to make videos in order to make money on youtube.
In this video you are going to learn to make money on youtube without making videos .

Beside this , you also do not need to show your face in the video production.

I will show you how to make money on youtube without showing your face .It is really simple and easy.

With this method , you can create your youtube video and start making money from home without any cost !

In this video I will show you exactly how you can make products review videos just like this, without having the products with you and making any recording on your youtube channel. I will also show you how this type of channels make money , how you can monetize this video eventhou you have small amount of subscribers.And how to do this in 1 hour per day.
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Lets us begin.

Overhere if you type in top 10 gadgets , you can see theres millions of views , and they do not even make the videos. They just put the videos from the gadget and upload it on youtube .

To show you guys an example , this channel future gadgets .so this video is reviewing the top 10 Best Laptop in the World Right Now 2020 .

You can add your own voice into this video .How does this video monetize and how you can earn money with this type of video eventhou if you have small amount of subscribers?

As you can see overhere , this link is connected to amazon , and when someone buy from this link , future gadgets is getting some commission. If your youtube channel have not qualified to be monetized by youtube , affiliate link will be a good chance for you to earn money. You will get around 1% commission from amazon . So if the laptop is 5k you will get $50 .
Now , lets look at how we can make this video on youtube without creating an original video.

Click on one of the link over here and you will be bring to this laptop products page in on this video.
So as you can see , the video over here is exactly the same as on the youtube on future gadgets. So it has 3 videos that is related to this products.lets look at others products.

So it does have videos as well. So now , what we are going to do is to download this video combine it and make it into a new review videos.

Right click on the video and click this save as to download the video. So I have downloaded 3 videos from amazon. The next things that I am going to do is to combine these 3 videos and make it as a whole new video.

I am using a paid video editing software to do all my video editing, if you do now want to spend money on any video editing software for your YouTube video, you can use this openshot software . it is 100% free for you to use.
Ok , all I need to do now is just drag all the videos to here. You can also get some new audios from youtbe free audios. I generally choose no attribution needed audio , so that I can use this audio however I want.
I will just randomly choose this audio just to show you how it works when I put it into the video.Download this audio
Next drag this audio into openshot.

If the video itself already has audio sounds in it , you have to make the volume of the clip to 0 , as we wana put our own clip into the video .

Ok , so when you done , lets watch this video .Not too bad right . lets export this video out and you are done.
So , this is how you can make a youtube video just copy and paste . I hope this tutorial able to help you . my name is Weng Honn thanks you for watching.

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