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Hi guys my name is Weng Honn , in this video I am going to share how people use google search and make thousands of dollars with this 5-10 minutes article .

I am going to show you how exactly the process , do not worry , you do not need to pay anything ,you do not need to own any website any facebook ads , it is absolutely free.

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Without wasting your time lets us dive in.
In this video I will be sharing with you
1) Where to pick a products to sell
2) How to rank your article high in google
3) And also how to generate thousands of free traffic to your products
You can get your affiliate products from linkshare , warrior plus ,jv zoo , in this video I will be using click bank.
You can register your clickbank account for free it is very simple and membership fees or whatsoever .
Next go to marketplace .they are tonnes of products that you can choose from here.
For this video example I will just pick a niche in battery .
Now , no matter what niche or products you pick you need to make sure that the product provide affiliate page . As with this affiliate page you will get tonnes of resources from the product creators where can save you tonnes of money and time , if you would figure it by yourself.
So we have done products selection , next we need to do a competitions analysis .
Just type in battery reconditioning on google .
Over here , what we are looking for is the top article that is related to out products.if this article is on the top of google , it must be doing something right .
This article is by mechanic scout .
How can we beat this website , and make our products or article on the front of google instead of mechanic scout ?
The simplest way is to publish to a existing big website such as which I am going to share you to do it . By posting your article on medium , y our article will get index by google easily .
What is medium ? why it is so important that we post out article on it?
Every single month there are 210 millions visitors to medium . It is a super popular website where people go and search for information that they need . Imagine that your article is up there ! it is just crazy.
Well , the fact is that not every article will be getting great respond as the competition on medium is very high as well .
But do not worry , coming up next is where I am going to show you how you can beat your competitors and rank high on google and medium .
Go to neil patel ,and paste mechanic scout over here
What does this website do is that , it will show you exactly which keywords that make this mechanic scout rank high on google.
By doing this we can too rank out website high on can get more keywords by loggin into your gmail account.
We wana look for keywords that has high search volume and low seo search difficulty .Based on the data given here , seems like this niche is quiet low in competition .
To get more specific keywords we go also put in keywords like battery reconditioning
This products is very niche.the search volume only has 2900 for the exact keywords reconditioning
1000 on how to battery reconditioning and 590 ez battery reconditioning review.
Definitely not a problem to rank high on google.
Ok , however , the next thing that we need to check on is medium. If there are already thousands of article on battery reconditioning, it will be very hard for your article to get organic traffic.
How are you going to check for this?
Very easy , just go to google and type in “battery recharging ” .
So , what does this do is that , google will help you to search all article that has this battery recharging keywords on it.
So there is one article here Should your ever really need to “recharge your batteries”? is not really about our products, as our products will be teaching people on how to recharge their battery , instead of explaining should they recharge it or not.
Lets scroll down abit more , so there are not article in medium that is closely related to what we wana sell, which is awesome!
Ok so far , we have done verifying that this product Is going to work and next we are going to post our article to medium and earn some money.
Just go to medium , and click on sign in , you can sign in with different platform .
Once you have done sign in .you will get to see this upgrade button over here. You can actually ignore this , it is free to post on medium .The membership is for readers that wana subscribe to read with ads free article.


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