Savage Affiliates Honest Review Franklin Online Affiliate Marketing Course Latest 2020
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Savage Affiliates Honest Review Franklin Online Affiliate Marketing Course Latest 2020

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Savage Affiliates Honest Review Franklin Online Affiliate Marketing Course Latest 2020

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Hi guys I am Weng Honn here in this video I am going to share with you Franklin”s savage affiliate online training programe.
Apart from this , I will also share with you the tricks and hacks that savage affiliate programme shared inside this course.
Lets us begin .

This course is selling at $197 for the standard training and $297 for the super package.

Last Christmas Franklin had a big sales on all of his programme , I bougth all of his programme for like less than 100 bucks , in this package you will get to have eCom Elites , eCom Turbo Theme , Savage Affiliates Super , Five Day Funnel and Digital Profit Academy .
I have make a review on Franklin”s ecom elits , you can check it out on top over here.
First of all , I must say Franklin is very hardout on youtube to promote himself and also all of his training programmme , and he also spent a lot of money on ads and retargeting.
He definitely is a super awesome online marketers.
Ok lets dive into his savage affiliates programme.

In total , in this affiliate training programme it has 10 module.
Investment that you need to spent with this programme:
1) You will need to build a website to promote your affiliate products.With hosting and domain aroung 60$ a year
2) You will need to have a email marketing system to do email marketing.In this course franklin is teaching using getresponse and also clickfunnel. Getresponse a year about $ 180 a year .Clickfunnel around$1200 a year.
3) Spent on facebook ads and also google ads $6k a year , $500 per month.
So need not to spent on facebook or google ads , but for web site and email marketing is a must.
On the first module , Franklin talks about all sort of affiliate marketing what sort of affiliate marketing that you should join .
In short , pick affiliate marketing that can give recurring income .

Second module will be building website.
Franklin will show you how to build your blog . just follow through.
Btw , Franklin will also try to sell you clickfunnel so that he can earn some commission too .As I told you ,he is a brilliant online marketers.
From module 3 to 6 will be all on SEO , selecting Clickbank programme , and also how to promote using website that you set up on the previous module, and also using click funnel to do email marketing.

On this 6-2 you will get to learn how to set up and run getresponse email marketing .
I love module 7 , as Franklin will show you the flow of email marketing for all sort of products such as health and fitness products ,

This free traffic training Franklin will be teaching using facebook and youtube to drive free traffic to your products .
Paid traffic will be using fb ads and also google ads.
To sum things up ,
In order to make things works , you will need to have products to sell , a web site , a email marketing , post on facebook , make videos on youtube , use facebook ads /google ads and also be active on forums.
In this savage affiliate training , you are going to learn all of this things .

Well , trust me these are really the things that you need to do in order to make money with affiliate marketing. It will not be like enjoying your beer on a beach and money will roll in automatically.
It is hard work dude.

So if you are looking for a programme for affiliate marketing , Franklin training programme is good for beginner up to advance level.
See ya.

Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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