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Shopify Dropshipping , Youtube , Affiliate Marketing Which Is Best For Begginer Make Money Online ?

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Hi guys , I am Weng Honn here .

Youtube ,shopify , shopee dropshipping and affiliate marketing .

Which online business can help you to make more money? which online business is for beginner? Which online business is easy for us to earn money .

In this video , I will talks about the the investment that you need to spend in starting up these business , time and also marketing strategy that business owner use to drive traffic and sales to their online business.

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Now , lets us start .

Questions 1 Which online business can help you to make more money?

The quick answer for you is all 3 Youtube , dropshipping and affiliate marketing can help you to earn money . Yes all of this 3 online business can help you to earn money.

And this is a fact .

There are people that earning millions of dollars using youtube , there are also people earning millions of dollars on shopify dropshipping, shopee and also there are people that are earning millions of dollars on affiliate marketing.

Questions Which online business is for beginner?

These 3 business model run very differently, however, the core principle to success in these 3 online business is the same, which it require very hard work in order to success .

Now lets look at the business model of thse 3 online business.


Investment :

Among these 3 business module, the cost on starting up a youtube channel and make money with it , required the least cost .

I build my youtube channel from scratch to 100k subscribers with only my laptop , handphone , and a video editing software filmora .These are the only investment that I have for the whole journey.

Most of us have laptop , most of us have handphone. So , you just need to invest into video editing software and you can make your way up .

Difficulty Level :

The difficulty level of running a youtube channel compare with dropshipping , and affiliate marketing I will say is the same.You will require to spend 8-10 hours per day in doing video research , creating and editing videos.

A lot of so called guru says that it is easy to run and make money with youtube, I will agree on yes it is easy to start and run a youtube channel , but defiantly not an easy way to make money with requires hard work.

Youtube Potential Earning

My first payment from youtube is $9.95 in 2019 october, it may seems small , but when have posted enough video and get the views and subscribers up ,this money can be increased significantly.

Youtube videos is like property .Each video that you posted is will help you to generate income .

The more video you have the more money you can generate.

Next  dropshipping

The fundamental of dropshipping is we get products , push it out to out store on shopify , shopee or whatever platform that you are using , put ads on it ,if it hits , pour in more money , if it does not ,repeat the steps.


So you can see now , the key to dropshipping is actually to find the products that hit for your store by spending ads on it.

And this is the dirty fact that guru wont tell you .I mean yes it is very important to do your products research , blogging seo , store design and whatever is it , but the core is still on spending ads to push your products to the market.

It really depends in which platform that you are using , if your are using self hosting website such as shopify or shopline estimated ads cost for beginner will be around 5-10 usd per day convert to Ringgit it will be RM 20 to RM40 ringgit a day , as you will need to ads using facebook ads.

If you are drosphipping using shopee , the cost will be much more lower it can be 5-10 rm per day, and you can do it on shopee ads to start with.

Difficulty Level :

Dropshipping is all about uploading products , push it out using ads ,and repeat the process again.

Most of the time , you will be spending a lot of time on products research and ads design . If you are someone that just starting up I will suggest you to start your drosphipping business in an exisiting marketplace , especially you have a low budget to play with.

Dropshipping Potential Earning

My first payout on my dropshipping business is when I am dropshipping on Lazada ,that was like 5 years back is about RM70 when I am dropshipping fitness products.

My first sales and I earn around RM 188 dropshipping to Australia in my new store.

It is definitely a very competitive business model . However , do not restrict yourself on dropshipping physical products.

You can also dropshipping digital products.

I have students that making few thousands a month on dropshipping digital products on Shopee .

As it is a pretty new business concept in Shopee drosphipping digital products , it still has a lot of space to play with.

If you want to learn how to start your shopee digital dropshipping business I have put the link for the programme on the comment box below this video.

Last but not least ,

Affiliate marketing is very similar to a reseller , as we are promoting others people business/services.

There are a lot of affiliate products that we can promote  , we can use clickbank , linkshare , and most software and online programme do provide affiliate programme that we can join as well.

When you join an affiliate programme , you will get to have a link , and all you need to do is just promote the link and you are done.


You can start affiliate marketing with zero cost literally and you still be able to make good money .I have seen people that post on facebook , ig tiktok to promote their affiliate link , and make some very good money out of it.

Of course , you will first need to be active in posting on your social media on a daily basis in order to get attention .

Well a lot of people may say I am a shy person , well the next alternative will be writing blog or posting on forum about the product/services that you are promoting.

I run a few blogs to promote my affiliate programme , well it does able to drive some good organic traffic , but the think that I realized is that it is too slow.

To start blog the investment will only be the hosting I am using bluehost , it is only $5.45 per month and also get response for my email marketing which is only $99 usd per month .

In general I promote my affiliate programme on youtube , blogging and forum such as quora.

Affiliate Marketing Potential Earning

I will only do 1 – 2 post every month, and the earning that I get is around $400 – $500 usd per month, not too bad as I only spent very minimum effort on it.minus my cost , I still be able to make 300 to 400 usd per month which is pretty good for that kind of effort.

For those top affiliate marketers ,that earn like 6-7 figures , they are spending a huge amount of money on facebook ads , native ads , youtube ads .

So , for you guys that want to start your affiliate online business , you can consider start promoting using your existing social media , blogs or both .


My verdict ,

Among these 3 online business ,if you only can choose one and focusing at , I will suggest dropshipping to existing marketing such as Shopee. As selfhosting platform such as shopify or shopline , you will need to have a greater budget for ads.

My next best choice for those that want to start online business will be affiliate marketing and lastly youtube . Youtube will come last , as you will not see much result in short 3- 6months .

And you will need to have a minimum of 1000 subs in order for you to start earning from ads.

Well , being said so , as I always say , do what you love to do , and the result will come.

If you like to produce video , being infront of the camera, go for youtube , and you also can use youtube to promote your dropshipping or affiliate business .

I hope that you like this video. See ya.


Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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