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Most Complete Tubebuddy Review 2021

Are you looking for the lates tubebuddy review 2021 ? In this video I will do a honest tubebuddy review in year 2021.

So have been using tubebuddy or think of using tubebuddy to build your youtube  channel ?

Can tubebuddy really help you to build your channel effortlessly ?

Is tubebuddy really that effective in building your channel subscribers ,views and help you to make more money ?

Watch this video , I will review the result after using tubebuddy about 12 month.

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First of all there are a few package of tubebuddy , and the highest level is legend which is the one that I am using now .

The higher level the more information and features will be unlocked .

According to tubebuddy , by using their tool we can

Advanced Keyword Research , Rank Higher in Search Results , Get More Views and .

You can download tubebuddy for free using link below at the comment box.

Well these are pretty much what all youtuber want to have .

Is tubebuddy really the magic tool that able to do all these?

Let me share my honest review with you guys.

If you look at my channel , I have been testing a couple of new videos to test out how is the respond of it .

For the past 12 months I have been posting video heavily on “Malaysia Grant “ and bantuan .It really catches the views and subscribers on my youtube channel .

However , I realized that more and more people are doing the same topic and also , there are not much of fresh content can be produced ,as impossible Malaysia government able to give out grant that frequent .

It is time for me expand my topic out .

And I thought of using tubebuddy as my research tool .

Youtube Video Views.

First of all lets look at the views .

This video over here I have done a topic research by using tubebuddy . I wont go through all the research details , as normally it took me around 60 minutes to get 4-5 potential topic .

As you can see this topic is on excellent based on tubebuddy , the search volume is very good and the competition is good as well .

So this topic should be a great topic and I am expecting some really good feedback to it.

Total views that I get so far is 400++ . A lot lesser that I expected from a excellent scale from tubebuddy.

The good side about this topic is that my video ranked on the top of the search page for this topic. Which is a great job.

Next , keyword explorer .

Keyword explorer is definitely a great tool to get good youtube topic ideas , compare that you get it from google trends or google keywords tools.

This is because the thing that people search in youtube maybe different from google  .

So in my opinion tubebuddy able to get a more accurate keywords search result.

By putting in relevant keyword to you’re the search bar , tube buddy able to tell you , is this keyword worth to go for it or not.

My question is that how effective is this ? If I created this video will it really give great result ?

Based on a few videos that I have done , it does not give any great result .

Weng , what about the views , subscribers and make more money ?

Well , to be honest , tubebuddy is definitely a good research tool to help you get topic ideas for your channel.

Most of my videos are optimized with topic keywords , descriptions keywords , tags and images .

With optimized keywords plus excellent video topic based on tubebuddy , my video should be able to get some real great traction , but it does not.

For example this video that you are watching now , tubebuddy review 2021 is also based on tubebuddy research tool where it says very good .

Getting more views , subscribers and make more money on youtube , definitely takes more then tubebuddy .

If you think that tubebuddy Is the magic tool to that can help you to gain more views, subscribers and make money with your youtube channel , you are dead wrong.

Tubebuddy is no more then just a keyword research tool .Although they have others features like split test but ,the core of the tool is still on keyword research .

So, yes tubebuddy can be a handy tool for topic research but to get more views , subscribers and make more money with youtube , it definitely take more then that.

What is your take on tube buddy? Comment below




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