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Shopee recently launched their own affiliate marketing programme , and I started it last week , so far my estimated earning is 61.3RM .

Hi guys I am Weng Honn here , welcome to my channel .

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So Shopee recently launched their own affiliate programme that is hosted by themselves instead of a third party like accesstrade and involve asia .

For those that do not want to sell products in Shopee , you now can also be part of the Shopee business ecosystem just by sharing products that are selling inside Shopee .

First of all lets look at the commission structure in Shopee affiliate marketing.

In general the commission rate is divided into new customer and exisiting customer, the highest commission that I can see from this chart is 13% for new costumer and 0 for donation category .

Existing customer will be 3.50% the highest and 0 for donation as well.

I will the link to this guide on the comment box below this video.

You will get to have a good overview on what and how about Shopee affiliate marketing.

To register is really simple.

Just go to shopee affiliate website , I also have leave the link below the comment box.

Fill up all the details.

For me , I will choose as individual .

Fill up the rest of the needed details.

Overhere website url , you can put your ig link , facebook ,or youtube.

I received a message from one of my member , he says that , shopee rejected his facebook link as it is less then 1k people . So ,there is certain criteria for the social media that you use to promote.

Partner type I think is how are you going to promote it. I will be using social media maybe blogs.

Once is done , then you will need to wait for the approval .Mine get approved in 3 days.As you can see here , it says within 5 working days , so be patient.

Once approved you will receive an email like this.

Now , lets log into you Shopee affiliate marketing dashboard.

Base on the material that shopee give , there are 2 part ,

Part One:  Shopee Ambassador Programme

Part Two:  KOL-Affiliate Marketing Solution

I have no idea what is the different after reading it , let me know if you have the answer .


I would like watch this part carefully.

Watch this diagram and understand it , so that you know how you make money .

In short, in order for you to get the commission , the person have to directly buy from the link that you shared to them.

And also the cookies period is 7 days , meaning if the person that click on your link  do not buy within 7 days , you wont get th commission.

Another rules that you will need to know is this, shopee affiliate marketing works on the first checkout attribution rule.

Meaning that if the customer add to cart 10 products , but only pay first 7 products out of the 10 and 3 on the second checkout , you will only get the first checkout commission which is the 7 products.

Another thing that I would also grab your attention is when you can get the money.

Well , in a nutshell , commission that you earn on July you will get paid on October , due to the validation period , so it takes around 3 months.

Ok , make sure you read through everything . I don’t suggest you to read everything and 100% understand everything only start , I will suggest you to start doing it and learn throughout the journey.

There are a couple of things that you can do in you shopee affiliate dashboard , feel free to play around with it.

To create your first affiliate link to share is also pretty easy.

You can create a custom page link in Shopee.This is what I use , unless on the shopee and brand offer you find things that you want sell then you can go for it.

For example you want to promote this shopee page , all you need to do is just copy this page url and paste it over can also put the products link as well.

For the subid ,this is to help you track different social media”s traffic for example , if you are using ig , fb and youtube , you can put here ig , fb and you will get to track which platform will have the highest conversion rate.

Once you done just click on get link and you can start sharing this link.

On the dashboard you will get to see a few data which is pretty straight forward , daily performance click , conversion , sales etc.

Top 5 Products in Shopee Affiliate Program

you own Top 5 Products , you can share more of this products as people are buying these products from your link.

Next ,

Shopee have this incubation journey and check point thingy , however I cannot find any details about this , if you have any information regarding this , do comment below .

Ok , that is it for today”s video , comment below if you have any questions , or if I am not replying , kindly post your questions to my support group kaki-kaki shopee on facebook.

Looking forward to see you on the next video see ya.


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