Make RM500 Share Link Affiliate Marketing Malaysia 2021
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Make RM500 Share Link Affiliate Marketing Malaysia 2021

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Have you been trying to make a lot of sales and be profitable in the internet ,and maybe you buy a lot of online courses from all of the online guru ,and for whatever reason , you have implemented whatever strategy , but you have not successful making any money at all.

What if I tell you 90% of the guru out there selling digital products , courses , are actually not the way to do it ? and what if I told you don’t really need to be an aggressive sales person , and you need to do the complete opposite of that , in order for you to build a successful , profitable long term online business .

Hi guys , my name is Weng Honn , for those that don’t really know me , I started my fulltime online business in the year of 2 years back because of the covid pandemic I lost my job , and throughout the year , I have spent more then 10 of thousands on different courses and try to figure out how to really make money online. So , everytime I make some money online , I invested the money back to education and hope that I can learn abit more .

For the past 10 years I was in the fitness industry , I have very limited knowledge on internet , and I am super new when come to online business.

Throughout the years I have joined dozen of courses ,and let me tell you this , all of the courses that I attended are talking about the similar  things , which I am going to share with you guys in this live training , so that you don’t need to spent that kind of money to learn the same thing on what you are going to learn over here.

Let me ask you 1 questions ,how good is it if you are able to generate an extra Rm1k amonth , RM2k amonth , RM5000 amonth ? and this is just some of the result that I get by using the strategy that I am going to share with you all in this video .

Think about this ,so people dont even generate RM 100/month with their online business .

Let alone a single day! How could this change your life ?


I am going to show you how you can do it in this video.

Well it is not just about is about the students that I show the stategy , it is about you that is watching this live now using this “Get Sales Without Hard Selling ” method.

Show testimotial .These are some of the testimonial from my students .

Imagine that you can start making money like them .Just a few sample of my students that make ranging from few hundreds to thousands of dollars buy using “Get Sales Without Hard Selling ” method.

Don’t go anywhere , if you are trying to make money online , don’t bookmark , as this page maybe gone , as I will change and update my training from time to time , Stick around and watch this video till the end .

I am not always in the online business arena. I am a fitness coach for the past 10 years .

I work my ass out and hope to become the head coach one day.I was working 12 hours a day , travel here and there with team , work like a slave , no time for myself .

I am not sure are you like this as well .

And then Covid hits am I literally lost my job , the only thing that I know , that I good at for the past 10 years , cannot really be used anymore .

And at that moment I know that I need to pivot and start something new.

I google try to figure out how can I make money online , joined a couple of junk courses ,I am overwhelming because , one guru saying this , and then another guru saying another thing . I am so confused about who to trust , and the worst is that those courses are not cheap at all most of them raning from Rm5000 to 10 of thousands.

And I always think that only the white people can make money online , and online business is not for Asian .

Which is absolutely a wrong mindset , and it is the most ridiculous thing ever in the world . This is the insecure , the result of unsuccessful for so long . Not sure are you feeling the same or not.

I have tried hundreds of ways to try to make more money , although I have spend a lot of in investing in knowledge , I refuse to give up , because I really want to get it .

Until one day , finally I get the formula that will effectively drive traffic and sales for me without hardselling , without spending much in paid ads.

And I realized that why previously I am not be able to make money is because the way that I sell all these digital products , courses online is completely wrong.


These are the 90% of the market out there teaches you wrong.

  • They teaches you something called direct selling where you bring your leads direct to the products , well if you do that , you will earn some money one off , and every time you have a new products to sell , you have to repost and find new sellers again for that products . Which is super time consuming and definitely not effective at all.

And that is why so many affiliate marketers trying to make a consistent money but failed.and this also why I cannot make money .

You will need to do the complete different way which I call it , it in-direct selling , sell without selling and it also called “Get Sales Without Hard Selling ” method.

So , instead of sending your customer directly to your products or sales page . sent them to your well build value added community and give them what they want to learn at the very first place.

Always remember this , no one like to get sold at the very first place.

And by doing this , it create likeability , trust , and you are going to be able to influence them to actually want to buy products from you .

Most people want sell , sell , sell and sell . If you only want to sell , you will not going to make any money .

When I understand this , I was like holy crap , finally I understand that why in the past I cannot make money .

Instead of selling , I teach , I share value to my audience and this model really helps me to change my whole business.

I mean ask yourself this question , who like selling ?Do you like selling ? I believe you don’t like also .Most people don’t like selling .

It is a very hard skill to learn , but people can learn how to add abit of value , teach a little bit , eventhou they may not be the expert.

When I use this model ,I literary able to sell anything that I like , from online courses , to a laptop . Yes people are actually buying laptop from my affiliate link as well .

And this is how powerful is this model.

That is crazy .Imagine that , how wonderful is it that you can sell the thing that you love , that you passionate about ? nothing is too hard to sell , when you use this model .

But I just want to make it clear over here ,

I hope you understand this .

But the coolest part is that people that implemented this strategy are making their very first bucks online.

When you understand that direct selling will not work and you do the direct opposite of it , that when you see result , it definitely worth all the works.

And this is why I put together my Income Lega365 a 6 weeks online business progreamme , because I want to share with you how you can finally also start making money online even thou you are with 0 knowledge , 0 experience.

This programme is really cater for those that has 0 knowledge and 0 experience in online business , and yet want to experience the first dollars come in , and hence it is a 6 weeks programme , where I package it everything that you need to know to start making your first dollars online  and give it to you.This is a abosultey small , interavtive group online training for those that want to start an online  business but have super limited experience and knowledge , just like when I first started.

Think about this , How much time , energy and money and stress would you save ?I don’t want you to spent 50k like me to learn what I have to give you .

And this is what this 6 weeks programme can do for you.

  • Not be confused or overwhelmed about generating income online anymore.
  • Create a predicable and reliable income for every month.
  • Do not need to do all the hard selling things that nooone is going to buy
  • Enjoy “working “ everyday

When I created this programme , I have 3 things that I must give it to you :

  • Detailed yet simplified training , so it is simplified but yet detailed step by step , and best of all it is a live training , where we get to interact and direct ask me questions .It is just like learning on a offline class. Not just some prerecorded video where you are watching me talking and you cannot really ask any questions.
  • Support , coaching and accountability . What is the point after you buy this programme and you did not go through the programme ? And when u have question the guru is not there to answer your question ? This is not how it works with this Laman lega 6 weeks programme.
  • Shortcuts

And lastly you will need the right shortcuts to do it on the right way and not spending like 50k and still cannot get it right.

So this is what you are going to get in this 6 weeks training.

  • First week

The science of affiliate marketing .

Where I explain how does affiliate marketing really works. It is not as what is described as the gurus out there. Which included , customer purchasing behaviour , how people make decision to buy from you . well we are selling to people , human , without knowing the reason behind why and how people buy ,no way you are going to make money online .

Which worth RM599

  • Week #2

Profitable Product Formula which worth RM 699

One of the biggest mistake that most beginner makes are selling whatever they think can sell , or they heard of some gurus says this is good , they sell it .

This is defiantly not the right way to do it .In this week 2 product formula week , I will share with you , how you can do a research on a profitable products based on the products that you are familiar with .

Or how to look for a products that has high demand .Do not worry , as I mentioned , this will be a Detailed yet simplified training which is cater for first hand online seller .

  • Week #3

Understand the AMC flow worth RM997

In this week 3 which you are really going to learn how the heart of this whole money making model works . You will get to learn the science behind the whole model

  • Week #4 1299

Setting Up For Success

In this week 4which you are really going to get your hand dirty and start setting up the system to capture , communicate and convert customer to money .This is the engine that is going to run your business .We are going to set this up together during the live class .Do not worry , during the class I will hand hold you on setting up every details that need to be done.

  • Week #5 999

This is really the essence of this whole programme . After learning all the method , to make sure that you are going to execute everything that you have learn so far , you will be given a project where your goal is going to make your first RM 500 in the first 90 days . there are no point after learning everything here , and you don’t do anything . You wont achieve anything at all.

  • Week #6

This will be your graduation day , where we will be discussing about plan strategy for the next 90 days , in order for you to make your first RM 500 or even more .

To reward those that works hard to achieve their first milestone of achieving RM500 , you will be rewarded RM 100 plus  a certification for such a great achievement .

And of course you are going to get a support group that I will be answering all your doubt.

And all of these information , value , knowledge, support that you are going to have will definitely worth more then RM 4.5 k and if you are gonna pay RM 2000 for it half of it 50% discount , it will also be absolutely worth it , as you don’t need to spend 50k to buy all this valuable knowledge just like what I did , and you don’t need to go through all the hustle and mistake to make your first bucks.

However , I am not going to charge , 4.5 k or even 2k even thou it is worth it ,

I will only do it for you for RM399 one off fees .i charge RM1299 previously and this is not a marketing tricks or whatsoever , it is just me changing the pricing throughout the year so that I could help more people during this covid time.

With RM 399 you can learn everything that you will need to have to kickstart your online business plus the project of making your first Rm500 will definitely be worth more then 399.

I have put the link below this video for you to grab the slot , remember only 10 people per class, if a class is full , you will be notified on the next coming batch inside the forum after you joined .alright hope to see you inside this exciting class . bye.


Learn everything about online business , start one and freaking fire your boss ,and BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

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