Make Money Fast Malaysia: How I Make RM11,196.39 With Paypal 5 ways
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Make Money Fast Malaysia: How I Make RM11,196.39 With Paypal 5 ways

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Make Money Fast Malaysia: How I Make RM11,196.39 With Paypal 5 ways

3 software/programme that i use :




Hi whatsup ,hi whatsup guys , I am Weng Honn here , so for the past 90 days I have make around 11k with paypal in Malaysia .Well it is not a super geng numbers but well , at least it can pay off my rental and a lot of my commitment in Malaysia .

These amount of money is a combination of a few affiliate marketing programme that I am promoting .

Before I reveal which affiliate programme that I use to make money , I would like to share 4 things that I do when promoting my affiliate programme .

  • Which is the most important one which is YOU need to be the user.

Whatever affiliate programme that you are promoting , you need to use it . You need to be the user first before you recommend to others. Promise me this , if not , you wont make it.

  • The money you invest in this affiliate programme ,you will get it back .trust me on this , look at it as an investment , not a cost , as it the money that you invest into the programme/software , you will earn back the money.
  • You do not need to be an expert to start sharing. However , you will need to know all the fundamental of whatever that you are promoting.
  • You need at least 2 medium to promote your products/service.

My suggestion will be youtube channel , facebook page or a website for long term promotion.

Ok these are the 4 things that I use to make money with paypal Malaysia.

Now , A big part of my RM11,196 is coming from these 3 affiliate programme , and I am the user of these 3 programme as well.

  1. Get response.

Getresponse is a email marketing system that I personally using now for all of my email marketing .

The good thing about getresponse is that , you will earn a monthly recurring income , as it is a subscription based software . So , everytime someone renew their membership , which most probably he/she will , you will get part of the money as well. You will get 33 % for every sale referred , and the package of get response is also very affordable and suit for all budget .

You can join getrespons at the link given below this video and have a free trial for 30days .Play with it and once you are familiar with it , create content and start promoting.

And getresponse is paying us in paypal.

If you are running a youtube channel you will know tubebuddy .tubebuddy is a free tool for youtube topic research .We will make money when the tubebuddy user upgrade their tubebuddy to any of this package you will get up to 50% Commission .The things that make us easy to share tubebuddy is because it is a free tool . And youtube is such a big platform and tonnes of people are looking to improve their channel . So , tubebuddy has a huge market potential.

Best way to promote Get response and tubebuddy without hardselling is to create a series of “how to” video to demonstrate how to use this tool .

And the easiest way is to look at how others youtuber doing it on the channel . I am not asking you to copy their content , but instead look at what sort of information that this youtuber share and how you can improve it .

And tubebuddy is paying us in paypal.


  1. Involve asia

If you are an active affiliate marketer in Malaysia , you will know involve asia . I already on involve asia for about 2 years now . The things that I like about involve asia is that inside it I get to have a huge range of products, company and also services that I can choose to promote. From shopee , Lazada , aliexpres to ringgit plus . You can literally share and make money with all these big company .

You do not need to pay anything to join involve asia .

So these are the 3 ways that I make money in Malaysia as a affiliate marketer.

All the link to these website I already put under the comment box below this video.

For start up and business owner that looking at improving their business join my inspire usahawan coaching class at the link below this video. See you all chao


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